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Assignment 2- Bryce Gallof

No description

Bryce Gallof

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Assignment 2- Bryce Gallof

Assignment 2- Bryce Gallof
World is becoming flat?
The global economic playing field is being leveled and Americans are not ready for it
Three eras of Globalization
Situation 1
1) The introduction of the PC and how it has changed the way that information is processed and used
2) The PC has allowed me to author my own content in digital form
3) The availability of information is one of the largest implications on businesses. Businesses can store their information through a PC and access key business functions such as data retrieval and forecasts
Situation 1 Cont'd
Situation 2
Situation 2- Cont'd
3) Companies can now connect with other companies worldwide just by the use of the internet. Doing business with someone outside of your country is now possible.
4) I believe 100% that this change is going to be enduring. The use of the internet is so widely used in today's society and it is only going to keep growing. Everyone is depedent upon the internet and I do not see this changing anytime soon
4) I believe that this change is going to last for awhile. The PC has shaped the way that information is transmitted. Thomas Friedman makes a reference that even cavemen could author their own content during their time. But the evolution of being capable of putting an individual's content in digital form, seems to be an enduring change
1) The public introduction of the American Computer Services Company, Netscape
2) It has changed my realtionship with the world because it ultimately introduced Browser, a feature that makes using the internet easier and more convenient. It brought the internet to life
3) From a business standpoint it started the ".com" boom. There is about $1 trillion invested into fiber optic cables. Netscape acdientally wired the world for free
Situation 3
1) The introduction of the alphabet soup
2) It has changed my relationship with the world by making everyone's computer and software interoperable
Situation 3 Cont'd
3) Alphabet soup has ultimately created the workflow revolution. It has made doing business a lot more simple in the sense that even if companies do not have the same operating system, they are still capable of conducting business together
4) I feel that this is short trend compared to the other two situations. Business, the software that is used and the way that information is transmitted seems to be changing every few decades. I see this technological change only lasting for a few more decades
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