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Indus River Valley Civilization

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Breandán Ó Ruadhagáin

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Indus River Valley Civilization

Do Now
Why would ancient peoples settle into the Indus River Valley?

Write your responses (5-6 sentences) in your journals, and think about what you learned on Wednesday about the geography of India.
Mohenjo Daro
What did the Indus River supply for building the cities?

How do we know that Mohenjo-Daro was a city rather than a rural village?
Dependence on trading
The early Indus River civilizations relied on trading, and
went to war with other civilizations. Everything they needed, they got from trading, or from growing/making it themselves. This civilization existed for almost 2,000 years without any conflicts!!!!! Pretty remarkable, even for modern times!
Indus River Valley Civilization
2600 BC-1500 BC

These symbols are seals found by archaeologists in modern day Iraq. Why do you think Harrapan goods were found as far away as Mesopotamia?
So then what happened?
There's actually no historical evidence as to what happened to the Indus River Valley civilization
Some historians believe that climate change forced people away from this part of India into other regions
There's also evidence that suggests that this part of the world suffered from diseases
It is difficult, however, for historians, and archaeologists to really figure out what happened, because no one can translate the language used by this civilization!
One of the largest cities in the ancient world-40,000 people!
Houses were made from mud bricks
The city had public baths, the first plumbing system in the world, a central marketplace, and large residential structures that are believed to have held as many as 5,000 people (think of a modern day apartment building!)
Mohenjo-Daro was not the only location in the valley where people lived, in fact the entire civilization had over 1,400 different cities and towns throughout the valley!
Harrapa, much like Mohenjo-Daro, was another major city in the Indus River Valley
Harrapa was located further north along the Indus River
One person grab your groups binders, another grab your groups journals
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