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Kayla Tomberlin

No description

kayla Tomberlin

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Kayla Tomberlin

The Hopewell Exchange was the system used by the Hopewell indians. Their route ran from the southern most part of United States to the northern most part of Canada, Lake Ontario.
The Hopewell ancestors were treasured and buried in burial mounds. Hunters had a higher position as seen by bigger more elaborate mounds.
The Hopewell culture hunted and fished. There is also evidence of collecting wild plants and berries, especially nuts.
Nomads ?
The Hopewell indians were not nomads, they established a civilization near river valleys and stayed there.
Kayla Tomberlin
Hopewell Indians
Believed to be lean-to's or circular and rectangular forts.
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