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Contemporary marketing

No description

annabelle boedt

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Contemporary marketing

Contemporary marketing
What is content marketing?
What is Gopro?
Let's simplify it
It is everywhere
Michelin guide
Dove real beauty
Goals of content marketing
Customer attraction and attention
The evangelists
Increased web traffic
Forms of content marketing
Portable camera for shooting during exploration.
Company owned and formed by Nick Woodman World most versatile camera
Who are the competitors?
Sony Action Cam

How do they differentiate themselves?
Product (better quality with affordable price)
Marketing strategy (content, marketing, promotion, sponsorship)

GoPro stats about sales
GoPro annual sales: $ 600 million
Number of cameras sold since 2009: 3 million
Value of the company: $ 2.25 billion

GoPro and social media
Fan growth rate:
What is it?
Consumer electronics industry growth rate: 12%
GoPro growth rate: 17%

People Talking About This:
What is it?
Sector Talking About: 2%
GoPro Talking About: 6%

Engagement score

What is it?
Sector engagement score: 38
GoPro engagement score: 58

Sector Subsciber Growth Rate: 35%
GoPro subscriber growth rate: 62%

Video growth rate
The GoPro app
Tablets and smartphones
iOS 6.0 or later (14.4MB)
Android 2.3 (7.3 MB)

Connect to the camera with your phone/tablet via Wifi
Control the camera
Copy videos from the camera to your phone

“a marketing effort or partnership between companies to join forces and use the best technology or content of each and lending both of their brands to the final product”
Redbull signature series
Redbull Stratosphere
Tactics for content marketing
Constently update your content and have customer communication
Web analytics/ key word research
Create viral content
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