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The Odyssey Hero's Journey

No description

Danielle Lester

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey Hero's Journey

Odysseus- Crossing the First Threshold
Crossing the First Threshold- When he must leave Calypso's Island and travel back home
Odysseus- Ordinary World
Ordinary World- Calypso's Island

"There he (Odysseus) is, lying in great pain on the island where dwells the nymph Calypso, who will not let him go; and has not been able to get back to his own country for years" (53)
Odysseus- Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure- Hermes tells Calypso to free Odysseus from the island and tells him to sail home
Odysseus/Telemachus- Mentor
Mentor- Athena helps Odysseus when tumbling through waves. Athena helps Telemachus with dealing with the suitors at his estate. Throughout the novel, Athena is constantly abetting Odysseus and Telemachus.
Odysseus- Refusal of Call
Refusal of Call- After Calypso tells Odysseus to go, he makes excuses to not leave
The Odyssey: Odysseus' and Telemachus' Hero's Journey
Odysseus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies,
Enemy- Poseidon makes Odysseus' travels almost impossible because of his hate towards Odysseus
Odysseus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies,
Tests: When washing upon an island, he meets a little girl named Nausicaa and tests to see whether she will help him.
Odysseus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies,
Allies- The Phaecians aid him in making his journey back home to Ithaca by providing a ship and travel supplies
Odysseus/Telemachus- The Supreme Ordeal
Supreme Ordeal- Odysseus and Telemachus must fight the suitors with the help of loyal friends
Odysseus- The Reward
Reward- Odysseus is back home and has killed the suitors, getting his power and family back.
Odysseus- The Road Back
Odysseus- Approach to the Inmost Cave
Approach to the Inmost Cave- Odysseus lands in Ithaca and does final planning with Athena for his entrance back into his home
Calypso's Island is a forest of lush green plants. Forests are a symbol for refuge, which is shown here in the Odyssey. After the war of Troy, Odysseus is on his way home, but after hit with a storm, he is found on this island, where he seeks refuge with the nymph Calypso for many years.
"Go and tell Calypso we have decreed that poor Odysseus is to return home...after a perilous voyage of twenty days upon a raft he is to reach the land of the Phaeacians...They will send him on ship to his own country...This is how we have settled that he shall return to his country and friends." (54)
TELEMACHUS: "Take my advice, call the Archean heroes in assembly tomorrow morning- lay your case before them...As for yourself, let me prevail upon you to take the best ship you can get, with a crew of twenty men and go in quest of your father." (15-16)
ODYSSEUS: "Athena resolved to help Odysseus, so she bound the ways of all the winds excepts one, and made them lie quite still; but she roused a good stiff breeze from the North that should lay the waters till Odysseus reached the land of the Phaeacians where he would be safe." (59)
"There is something behind all this; you cannot be really meaning to help me home...Not even a well found ship with a fair wind could venture on such a distant voyage: nothing that you can say or do shall make me go on board a raft." (56)
As Odysseus sails the sea on his raft, Poseidon roughs the waters and makes it impossible for him to sail, and the water destroys his raft.
"(Odysseus) 'Nevertheless, I want to get home, and can think of nothing else'...and on the fifth day Calypso sent him from the island...and gladly did Odysseus spread his sail before [the wind], while he sat and guided the raft." (57)
When Odysseus is leaving Calypso's Island, he is getting a sense of new life when leaving on the fifth day. He is finally able to leave this island and go home to his family where he can continue is life there with loved ones.
"King Poseidon...caught sight of Odysseus...He could see him sailing upon the sea, and it made him very angry...and he roused the rage of every wind that blows till earth, sea, and sky were hidden in cloud." (57-58)
"She stood right in front of Odysseus, and he doubted whether he should go up to her, throw himself at her feet, and embrace her knees as a suppliant, or stay where he was and entreat her to give him some clothes and show him the way to the town. In the end he deemed it be best to entreat her from a distance in case the girl should take offense at his coming near enough to clasp her knees, so he addressed her in honeyed and persuasive language." (65)
Odysseus and his wife, Penelope
"Alcinous went on board and saw everything so securely stowed under the ship's benches that nothing could break adrift and injure the rowers...(Odysseus) 'Farewell... for you have fulfilled my heart's desire by giving me an escort and making me presents." (137-138)
Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus is offered wine and gives wine. Alcinous gives Odysseus lots of red wine for his journey back. Wine is very expensive and valuable, which explains the meaning of the archetype red.
"(Odysseus) 'Advise me how I shall best avenge myself goddess'...(Athena) 'I will begin by disguising you...then go at once to the swineherd...stay with him...while I proceed to Sparta and see your son'...When the pair had thus laid their plans they parted, and the goddess went straight to Lacedaemon to fetch Telemachus." (143-144)
When Odysseus realizes that he has landed back in Ithaca, he kisses the earth. He finally able to be back in his normal life that he has missed for so long, and be reborn as Odysseus the ruler and father, not Odysseus the captain and war general.
"[The Suitors] threw their spears...one hit the door post; another against the door...as soon as they had avoided all the spears of the suitors, Odysseus and his men...aimed straight in front of them and threw their spears...his men rushed forward and regained their spears by drawing them from the bodies of the dead." (227)
"Odysseus has at last indeed come home again, and has killed the suitors who were giving so much trouble in his house...the gods have sent [him] home to [his] own good house and country." (233,237)
In the picture to the right, Penelope wears a blue dress when hugging her husband after being separated for so long. Loyalty is the archetype for blue, which is a perfect description of Penelope. No matter what suitor came to woo her, Penelope stayed loyal to Odysseus the whole time he was gone, even though she didn't know if he was dead or alive.
Odysseus- Resurrection
Resurrection- Odysseus faces his second life or death moment fighting his final enemy, and also feels a change when Athena gives him new strength to win
Odysseus/Telemachus- Return with the Elixir
Odysseus- Return with Elixir- The people now have the freedom to live without fear since the final enemy is defeated and Athena makes a treaty that will cause no more problems.
" (Laertes) 'Sir, you have indeed come to the country that you have named, but it is fallen into the hands of wicked people'...[Laertes] threw his arms about him, and Odysseus supported him." (246-247)
Road Back- Odysseus must "Give reward to people". In this sense, his homecoming is the reward, and he gives it to his father Laertes. He also finds out he has to deal with an angry town of people, his consequences of coming home
"As [Athena] spoke she infused fresh vigor into him, and when he had prayed to her he poised his spear and hurled it...Odysseus and his son fell upon the front line of the foe and smote them with their swords and spears." (250)
In the picture to the left, Odysseus is clothed in all black, the color for the archetype power. Odysseus is finally back in control of his life, and has defeated his last enemy. He has his power back and can resume his old life that he loved.
"On this pale fear seized everyone...but then Athena assumed the form and voice of Mentor, and presently made a covenant of peace between the two contending parties." (250)
Telemachus- Ordinary World
Telemachus- Call to Adventure
Telemachus- Refusal of the Call
Telemachus- Crossing the First Threshold
Telemachus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies
When Telemachus is leaving the house of Menelaus, Menelaus offers him presents, one being a gold cup. At this moment, Telemachus is told to go home by Athena, and he feels that there is a very important reason that he must return now. This is when things seem to be peaking for Telemachus, for when he goes home, Odysseus will be there and they will kill the suitors together.
Telemachus- Approach to the Inmost Cave
Telemachus- Reward
Telemachus- The Road Back
Telemachus- Resurrection
Ordinary World- Telemachus is home with his mother and suitors that ruin his fathers estate, a father he never knew
"(Telemachus) 'My mother..tells me I am son to Odysseus...he is gone without leaving so much a trace behind him...also all the principal men of Ithaca itself, are eating up my house under the pretext of paying their court to my mother...so they are making havoc of my estate, and before long will do so also with myself.'" (15)
Call to Adventure- Athena, disguised as Mentor, tells Telemachus to go searching for his father so he can rid the suitors
"(Athena) 'You do indeed want Odysseus home again...Take my advice, call the Archean heroes in assembly tomorrow morning- lay your case before them, and call heaven to bear you witness...As for yourself, let me prevail upon you to take the best ship you can get...and go in quest of your father who has so long been missing.'" (15-16)
Refusal of the Call- Telemachus is attacked by the words of the suitors and people saying his father is gone, and he fears that he cannot go on the journey.
"You god who visited me yesterday, and bade me sail the seas in search of my father who has been so long missing. I would obey you, but the Archaens, and more particularly the wicked suitors, are hindering me that i cannot do so."(23)
Crossing the Threshold- Telemachus finalizes his plans to find news of his father and commits to the journey
"Get these things put together at once, and say nothing about it. I will take everything away this evening as soon as my mother has gone upstairs for the night. I am going to Sparta and to Pylos to see if I can hear anything about the return of my father."(25)
Zeus sends to eagles soaring over the crowd, which Mentor interpreted as Odysseus coming home. The two eagles represent Odysseus and Telemachus, soon being able to be free. Odysseus would be free of Calypso and Telemachus free of the suitors.
Allies- Athena is not only a mentor, but she also plays a role as Telemachus' Ally when he is coming home from Lacedaemon
"Let me tell you also of another matter which you had better attend to. The chief men among the suitors are lying in wait for you in the Strait between Ithaca and Samos, and they mean to kill you before you can reach home...Sail night and day, and keep your ship away from the islands." (155-156)
Telemachus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Enemies- The Suitors are Telemachus' main enemies, since they plot and try to kill hm on his return home so he cant complete his journey
"We kept a succession of scouts upon the headlands all day long, and when the sun was down we never went on shore to sleep, but waited in the ship all night till morning in the hope of capturing and killing [Telemachus]." (171)
Telemachus- Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Tests- Telemachus uses his stage of Resurrection stands up to the suitors again when they don't step up to string the bow, something that is new to him and that he must learn to do if he wants to be able to live without the suitors in his new life
"I am laughing and enjoying myself as though there were nothing happening. But, suitors, as the contest has been agreed upon, let it go forward...Come on, then, make no excuses for delay, but let us see whether you can string the bow or no." (217)
Approach to the Inmost Cave- Telemachus and Odysseus make final plans for the task ahead: how they are going to kill all the suitors
"(Odysseus) 'When the suitors join, we join and fight in my house. Now...'(Telemachus) 'I do not think, however, the plan you propose will turn out well for either of us, Odysseus. Think it over.'" (169-170)
Telemachus and Odysseus embrace when they finally meet.
Reward- All the suitors are killed and Telemachus can finally live in peace with his father and mother, like he has wished for so long.
"(Odysseus)Let your mother put me to any proof she likes...Telemachus...let no rumors about the death of the suitors get about in the town." (235)
Telemachus must deal with the consequences of everything, and for him it is his mother not believeing it is Odysseus yet. He thinks his mother should believe it right away, since he does. Also, he needs to get used to his new life without the suitors
"(Penelope) "I have no wish to set myself up, not to depreciate you, but I am not struck by your appearance, for I very well remember what kind of a man you were when you set sail from Ithaca." (236)
Resurrection- Telemachus finally changes into a grown man and shows confidence and control when with the suitors, which will be necessary when he goes to kill them.
"The suitors bit their lips, and marveled at the boldness of [Telemachus'] speech; then Antinious said, 'We do not like such language but we will put up with it, for Telemachus is threatening us in good earnest.'"(212)
Telemachus- Return with Elixir- Odysseus is home and all of the enemies are dead, there is peace and he can live normally again with freedom and without fear.
By: Dani Lester
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