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The Challenge -Mario Vargas Llosa

No description

Cassidy Bernhardt

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of The Challenge -Mario Vargas Llosa

"The Challenge" Mario Vargas Llosa By Cassidy Bernhardt His Life Llosa was born and raised in Peru and worked in Lima as a journalist. When he distinguished himself as a short story writer, he won several very important prizes in Europe. His celebrity status was so high he ran for presidency of Peru in 1992 but lost. How He Writes Margos Vargas Llosa was part of the four-some of writers that brought about the "Boom" of Latin America. The work they wrote was very much experimental but also very political. Llosa writes aout the struggle for power in Latin America, violence among males, and coming of age in men all over. The Story The story starts with a group of men drinking beer at a bar, a man named Leonidas walks in very upset. He tells the group that a young Justo is going to fight that night. The man, later we find out his name is Julian, walks home to get ready. He is met by his wife and his son, who, for some reason, Julian thought was dead. Julian goes back to the bar for some food, though he does not eat any of it. Is he nervous? Concerned? Excited? The bar owner, Moses, talks to him about "The Gimp," the man fighting Justo. Moses says that "The Gimp" looked like the devil the night before, he was in the bar talking about Justo and how he was going to be "cutting him up into little pieces." Julian then leaves to meet Justo, who Llosa describes in great detail. He describes his soft, delicate features, and he describes a purple scar on the side of his face. (Leonidas swears that Justo's mother had given him that scar the day he was born because she saw that there was a flood coming.) The two then leave to meet up with Leon and Briceno, two men who call Justo "brother." The four walk to "the raft," a fallen log that had fallen into the riverbed and was too heavy to be raised by the water. The raft is the location of Justo's fight. They are met by "The Gimp's" gang and back and forth they exchange insults. Llosa describes the Gimp then in great detail, his thick lips and pinhole eyes, and his scar shaped as a cross on his foot from a pig who bit him. "The Gimp" asks the group why they brought along Leonidas, who is standing a bit away by himself. Everyone is surprised to see him there. Leonidas and "The Gimp" go back and forth exchanging insults, "The Gimp" calling Leonidas "Pop" and old man. The men then examine the knives being used in the fight, all while Leonidas prepares Justo for the fight, giving him tips and supporting him. The Fight Starts Justo and "The Gimp" stare at each other frozen in place. They start moving simultaneously, slow and deliberate. The attack each other, first "The Gimp" then Justo. Back and forth they dance around plunging and dodging. No one can see the actual details of the fight, it is too dark. But they can hear grunting and see knives flashing. Both men end up on the ground, but slowly the both manage to get up. "The Gimp is badly injured, but Justo is barely hanging on. "The Gimp" starts screaming for the men to tell Justo to stop fighting, he knows that the fight can only end badly. Leonidas only shouts for "The Gimp" to shut up and fight like a man. Justo then attacks one last time, and is killed quickly by "The Gimp." The men walk over to Justo and put a poncho over his face. They pick him up and carry the dead man to Leonidas's house. Leon tries to say some comforting words to Leonidas. Leon tells the old man that there was no braver man than his son.
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