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Cell Analogy: Candy Shop

No description

Ana Vermeulen

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Candy Shop

Cell Analogy: Candy Shop
File of recipes:
It is where all the recipes for all the candy is kept. This is the most important part of the business. The file of recipes tells the workers how to make the candy. If there is no recipes, there would be no candy.

The Nucleus was represented this way because it is where all the information is kept. It tells all the organelles what to do, and without it the cell wouldn't--in theory--be able to function at all

"Sugar Planet Bubblegum":
The best-selling gum is the main product of "Sugar Planet". The gum is the main sale for the company.

Proteins were represented by the trademark bubblegum because proteins (gum) is the final product and is sent out to the other parts of the cell
In charge of making sure the store is clean and disposes of all the trash. They have to make sure the store doesn't have dirt piling up so everything runs properly.

Janitors represent the Lysosomes in a cell. Lysosomes expel all things that don't need to be in the cell out.
ER (endoplasmic reticulum)
bubblegum machine makers:
These machines and staff are in charge of making the machines that produce the gum.

The Nucleolus was represented by the machines that made the bubblegum machines because the nucleolus is in charge of making the ribosomes (candy machines), which will be sent to different parts of the cell to produce proteins (bubblegum).
candy machines:
These machines produce "Sugar Planet's" best-selling bubblegum. They are sent by company trucks to different chain companies.

The Ribosomes are shown as the candy machines because they are the final step before the proteins are created, just like how the machines are.
Cell Membrane
security system, security guards:
Makes sure no one unauthorized personnel go into the building. Their job is to regulate if the building is safe. Lets staff inside after verification.

The security represents the Cell Membrane because both protect the inside. The Cell Membrane makes sure that no foreign objects enter the cell, but still allows things to leave.
Golgi Apparatus
power center:
The power center is where the power for all the lights, machines, etc. comes from.

The Mitochondria is shown as the power center because it converts the food it takes in, into energy for the whole cell.
Interview ?'s:
Are you good at thoroughly cleaning the store?
Will you be able to make sure the trash is out of the store?
Is everything that doesn't need to be in the store taken out, making sure the store runs fine?
Do you have experience taking out trash?
Do you want to buy delicious candy?
Well we cell delicious candy!!!!!
candy sorters and packagers:
Do you think you will be able to package the candy correctly?
Are you going to made sure the packaging stays together the whole trip?
Can we trust you to address the candy to be sent out to the correct locations?
security guard:
Will you be able to keep all unwanted personnel off the premises?
Have you had any experience in the police force or etc.
sorts and packages freshly made candy:
The sorters and packagers put our trademark label on the front and get them ready to be sent off to their new homes.

The Golgi is represented by the people who package the candy because it prepares and packages macromolecules for transport elsewhere inside the cell.
Come to sugar planet! Where our bubblegum is out of this world!
come to suga planet suga baby
go to : www.
candy trucks, truck drivers:
These trucks deliver the candy machines to the companies different locations. These machines hold the candy, which will be sold once arriving at it's location.

The (Rough) ER was represented this way because it holds ribosomes (candy machines), which are sent to different parts of the cell.
candy truck drivers:
Can you make sure that the packaged candy goes to the right place?
Are you going to ensure that the candy is secure in the trucks before departing?
Do you have experience driving?



Rodrigo Dubon, Abby Seagroves, & Ana Vermeulen
Rodrigo Dubon, Abby Seagroves, & Ana Vermeulen
Candy machine makers:
Do you have any experience working with machines?
Will you be able to put the machines together correctly?
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