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Hula Dance I-search project

The art of the hawaii hula-dance

Loki Laufeyson

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Hula Dance I-search project

Section 1
I got interested in the art of the hula dance by first getting intriguied by Hawaii. When I was about 5 or 6, my friend Martin moved to Hawaii. I was so devastated when he left that I decided to visit him. I collected a giant empty water jug, and started putting my coins in there. I had saved up my money until the spring break of 2011 (this spring break). It turned out that I had saved up $509.11 in that jar. Anyway, When I had arrived in hawaii, I went to a hotel in maui, I sat in at a luau, and saw some of the dancing that was shown. I was amazed. I did a little research, and found they had a hula for almost anything. A rain hula, volcano hula, wedding hula, and many more. This is how I got interseted in the hula. The acient art of the hawaiin hula-dance By- Dara Pasquino Section 2
I had reaserched my information.
I had discovered websites.
I had looked for pictures and youtube videos on my subject. Mahalo for watching Arts, play and recreation relate to the hula because dancing is a form of art, and can be very difficult to learn. For example, because it was a religious dance, the training of ancient hula dancers at the halau hula (hula school) was strict. Students followed elaborate rules of conduct (kapu) and had to obey their teacher (kumu). Section 3 Language and non verbal communication can be shown by the hula because the hula can also tell a story. For example, the movements of a dancer's body may represent certain plants, animals, and even war. Social orginization can be shown in the hula by it bieng a traditional Hawaiin dance. Social control is shown in the hula dance by a very strict system of learning the dance. For example, students followed strict rules of conduct (kapu) and had to obey their teacher (kumu). For example, dancers could not cut their hair or nails ,certain foods were forbidden and they coud nt get pregnet. Conflict and warfare is represented in the hula by telling the stories of past war and conflicts with other tribes and visitors. Economic orginization is shown in the hula by use of resources. For example, the costumes of the ancient dancers consisted of lei for the head and shoulders, pau or skirt (made out of tapa), and kupea or anklets fashioned out of dog-teeth or whale bone. Education is shown by the daners learning the steps of the different hula's (any fool can just do a random dance in a skirt and a coconut bra, but it is diffrent to do it with skill). Also, the dancers had to got to hula schol. World view and religion is shown because the hula used to be religious though it soon turned into entertainment. Sources




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLEZnhouNUg&feature=related Section 5 Section 4 I used visual media to show examples and show concepts.
I used personal reflections and experience to make you understand.
I layed out my information in a way easy to follow. Bibliography
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