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Puss in Boots

No description

Martha Gaytan

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots
by Charles Perrault

Charles Perrault
1988 Version of Puss in Boots
A cat belonging to a poor miller's son thinks up a great plan for bringing a title, wealth, and marriage for his owner. He begins to carry it out, using a few birds and rabbits as gifts for the king, and a pair of boots that make him appear human when he puts them on. However, his owner has no idea that the cat has told everyone that his master is a marquis rather than a miller's son until the king has arrived to meet him. Soon the king's daughter and the miller's son fall in love, and the king wants very much to see the land and the castle belonging to this rich "marquis".
The story

Antonio Banderas who plays the voice of Puss in the movie Puss in Boots, shares a number of skills with his on screen counterpart: Banderas can wield a sword a skill he learned while portraying Zorro in two films, he can hold his own on the dance floor demonstrated on Broadway, as well as archetypal Latin Lover
Charles Perrault was born January 12, 1628 and died May 16, 1703 in Paris, France
He was the first writer in European literature
Charles began his career as a lawyer in charge of royal buildings, around 1600, Perrault had earned a positive reputation for his poetry.
In 1671, he was elected to the French Academy of Sciences.
In Folk Art, Charles found rich stories and images to create new artistic works.
He wrote Fairy Tales for his children.
Charles Stories
Puss In Boots
Background Of His Family
He turned to Folklore by collecting a number of stories and published them in 1697 under the title "Tales Of Mother Goose"
* This collection includes eight Fairy Tales.
The Sleeping Beauty In The Woods
Little Thumb
Puss In Boots
Riquet With The Tuft
Blue Beard
The Fairy
Little Red Riding Hood
Charles Perrault is the author of this story.
The original title is " Le Maistre Chat, Ou Le Chat Botte"
It was published in January 1697
It was published in English in 1729
The movie came out in 1988
Dream works
Thank you!!!!

Presentation Created by: Ana Martin, Christopher Perez, Anthony Sanchez and Martha Gaytan
The Dream Works version is about
when puss hasn't met Shrek and donkey yet.
Puss was a tricky criminal . Puss came across a kitty named soft paws they heard about magic and they decided to steal the beans from the infamous Jack and Jill .Also the evil humpty dumpty tried to take the egg from puss once they retrieve it.humpty retrieves it and the mother catches up the next thing you know humpty falls and cracks open but something magical happens then he hatches into a bird . At the end everyone got there own golden egg his mother finally forgave him.
Differences of the
Story and the Movies
The Dream works versions is nowhere near the original version of puss in boots. This version is different because in this version he sets out to find a golden egg, where in the the story Puss in Boots, the cat

Dream works
Original puss in boots
The Morals.
What do they mean?
Original video
This story contains some morals, the moreal that this Fairy tale contains are.....
Charles father was a successful lawyer.
Charles had five brothers.
He belonged to a family of middle-class government functionaries.
When Charles was already 44 years old, he married Marie Guichon, who was only 19 years old.
She died only six years later after birth of four child.
When he was forced to retire from government services, Perrault decided to devote his time to education of his daughter and three sons.
1. Be Happy With What You Have, Apply Hard Work, Stay Focused On What You Are Trying To Accomplish and You Can Reach Your Goals.
2. There is great advantage in receiving a large inheritance, but diligence and ingenuity are worth more than wealth acquired from others
The original fairy tale of Puss in Boots is about a miller's son who gets only a cat after the miller dies, but the cat is smart and tricks the king into believing that the cat's master is this great person. Then the son wins the princesses love

The Dream works version was no where near the original fairy tale. The plot was very different than the original story
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