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hana and wajed npps

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of 1990s

welcome to the........
By Hana and Wajed
Your introduction in to the 1990s
Welcome to our wondrous prezi presentation.This presentation is all about the amazing 1990s. As you
read you will discover amazing, mind blowing things. Such as interesting places,famous people,the different life styles in the 1990s and much more! We hope that you learn and get as many facts as possible out of this presentation. If you are doing a lesson the 1990s and need some help on the 1990s this is the place for you!
The first topic is 90s fashion!
The creators
90s fashion was very different from fashion now. Lots of patterns and bright colours were used to make the people wearing the clothes stand out.
puffa jackets
puffa jackets were worn mostly by skinny
men. They use to were them because they
wanted to hide the lack of their muscles.

Stack Trainers
Stack trainers were usd buy shortmen to increase the size of there hieght. Soon woman started to wear them.
Stack Trainers
T- shirts were quite colourful in the 90s some even had some slogans on them.
Trousers in the 90s had patterns and colours scattered all over the. The trousers were really baggy to

Dresses in the 90s had loads of patterns on them. Some of them hung loose.
The next topic is food!
Lots of interesting food was introduced in the 90s. Including most of the food we eat now. Here are some examples:
The sweets were sugar coated or gooey. But you could get some that were chocolate. the gooey sweets
wre introduced at the 90s.
Meal time in the 90s varied of all sorts snacks.They were all set out on the table to make an impression.
Daily snacks
Daily snacks in the 90s were most of the snacks we eat now. Such as:
Mostly junk food.
Lunch in the 90s consisted of takeaways and fizzy drinks. But some familys came home from work and school and had a nice hot meal.
The next topic is inventions!
There were many inventions made in the 90s.These are just some of the most important ones that changed our lifes.
The web TV
In 1996 the

TV was invented-this
was when

technology started to get advance. I'm sure most of you kids have this this at home. With a simple click of your remote control you could have the internet at you feet.
Java programming language
Now all of you star programmers must know the the java programming language. Well those of you who do know it it was invented in 1995. This is one of the easier cases of programming to do.
Now all of you know google . Well it was invented in the 90s-1998.since then everyblbody has been using it!

Bluetooth enables you to connect things onto your software.it was inventention in made in 1999.
All of you must know the famous phone: blackberry. It was invented in 1999
Apple Inc.'s iMac
Another popular gadget is the Apple iMac. Many parents use the computer today. It was invented in 1998.
Style at the time
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