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Ammol Singh

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is an office suite (collection of software) that includes many of Microsoft's software. It includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
Microsoft Office was first released as Office 1.0 in 1990. It included Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Later versions of Office changed the visuals of the office suite and added more features, such as cloud integration. The current latest version is Office 2013 with different editions that include different applications. (Kumar, 2013; Collins, 2013)
Microsoft also provides services, such as cloud storage and video calling. Here are some of them:
Skype- is a video calling and IM service, released in 2003. In 2011, Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion, according to Wingfield.
OneDrive- originally called SkyDrive, OneDrive allows the user to store their files on a network that can be accessed on any device through the internet. It was released in 2007.
Bing- is a search engine developed by Microsoft. It was launched in 2009.
MSN- (The Microsoft Network) is a collection of internet websites and services. It was launched in 1995.
Outlook- is a web based e-mail service. It used to be called Hotmail. Hotmail was launched in 1996 while Outlook was launched in 2012.
Microsoft's Early Days
Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen in 1975. Their first product was the BASIC Altair, which is a combination of BASIC, a programming language, and Altair, an early Personal Computer. Soon, Microsoft was founded. In 1980, Microsoft purchased an operating system from another company and modified it to create MS-DOS for IBM. IBM PCs with this operating system were sold in 1981. The OS started gaining popularity and other PC manufacturers used MS-DOS in their systems. In 1990, Microsoft released an operating system with a graphical user interface, called Windows 3.0. By 1995, 90 percent of the world's personal computers ran on Windows (Microsoft Corporation, n.d.).
Microsoft is a large company that revolutionized personal computers. It developed the successful office suite Microsoft Office and created Windows, the most used operating system in the world. They also made Xbox, a popular gaming console that is enjoyed by many.

Microsoft continues to make innovative devices for both businesses and everyday use.
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Xbox is Microsoft's own gaming console brand. The console's concept dates back to 1998. The console was originally going to be called the "DirectX Box" but the name Xbox was chosen. Xbox was revealed by Bill Gates in 2000 and was released on November 14, 2001.

In 2002, Xbox Live was released. Xbox Live is an online gaming network where players can connect with people all over the world.

On May 15, 2005, Xbox 360 was revealed by Microsoft and was released in November 22, 2005. By January, 2010, over 39 million units were sold.
In 2009, the Kinect was released, which is a motion and voice controlled peripheral for the Xbox 360. In 2010, the Xbox 360S, a redesigned version of Xbox 360 was released. (Marshall, 2013)

On November 22, 2013, Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One was released, along with Kniect 2.0.

Mobile Devices
Microsoft entered the mobile device market as devices such as tablets and smartphones were being more commonly used than personal computers and to compete with their rivals, such as Apple.Inc and Google.

In 2012, Microsoft revealed the Surface and Surface Pro line of tablets and tablet computers. The Surface runs on Windows RT and is limited as it can only download apps from the Windows store. However, the Surface Pro runs on Windows 8 and can run all standard Windows software. The Surface Pro was intended to be a replacement for a laptop (Sullivan, 2012).

Microsoft also develops mobile operating systems. Windows Mobile was a family of mobile operating systems developed for smartphones which first appeared in 2000. It was succeeded by Windows Phones. Windows Phone 7 was released on October 21, 2010 and Windows Phone 8, the latest version was released on October 29, 2012.

In April, 2014 Microsoft acquired Nokia's phone division for $7.5 billion. Soon Nokia's phone shifted from Android to Windows Phone (Stewart, 2014).
Microsoft is a very large corporation that develops computer software and services. It created Windows, a successful line of operating systems that is used all over the world. They also made Microsoft Office and Xbox. Its headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington.
Windows is a popular operating system with 90 percent of the world's PCs running on it. This list, made by Gibbs (2014), shows all the major Windows operating systems and the year they were released:
Windows 1, 1985
Windows 2, 1987,
Windows 3, 1990
Windows 3.1, 1992
Windows 95, 1995
Windows 98, 1998
Windows ME, 2000
Windows XP, 2001
Windows Vista, 2007
Windows 7, 2009
Windows 8, 2012
Windows 8.1, 2013
By: Ammol Singh
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This is an image of the first Xbox.
This is the Xbox 360 with its controller.
This is a screenshot of Windows 1.01.
This is the Xbox One with its controller and the Kinect 2.0.
This is the first Microsoft Surface.
This is an image of a phone running on Windows Phone 8.
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