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ESL Lesson Plan

No description

Chiara Santilli

on 20 August 2016

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Transcript of ESL Lesson Plan

"How to write a paragraph about my favourite film"
Class Profile
The class, a 1st year of high school (liceo scientifico) will be composed of 24 students, 15 boys and 9 girls , aged 14 to 15 years old. CEFR level towards B1. There is a student with mild dyslexia in the class
Main Aim :
By the end of the path, the students will be able to write a paragraph about a film they like

Number of lessons and structure
Students have already practiced writing a paragraph about familiar themes
Students are familiar with blogging
Main Objectives:
Materials :
Lesson 1 - ENGAGE


CDC AB24-AB25 Lingua inglese
Candidata: Chiara Santilli
"How to write a paragraph about my favourite film"
Communication in foreign languages
Digital competence
Learning to learn
Social and civic competence
Sense of initiative and enterpreneurship
Cultural awareness and expression


Learning to learn
Collaborating and participating
Acting in an autonomous and responsible way
Problem solving
Identifying links and relationships
Retrieve and interpret information
Methodological and didactical choices
Timetable fit
SEN student
( Law 170/2010)
The lessons will take place in the second term of the year. Following a lesson on "likes and dislikes"
Level B1 : creative writing
Can write straightforward, detailed descriptions on a range of familiar subjects within his/her field of interest.
Can write accounts of experiences, describing feelings and reactions in simple connected text.
Can write a description of an event, a recent trip – real or imagined.
Can narrate a story.
To develop students' writing skills
To write about a specific topic
To train learners to spend time planning before they write
Other Objectives
Students will extend their vocabulary range/lexical chunks
Students will practice working in pairs
Students will practice their reading for details skills
E.S.A. teaching model: Engage Study Activate
(Harmer, 1998)

Other strategies :
work in pairs (peer tutoring)
Main Involved skills:
writing, reading
A 2-hour lesson + film viewing
The 2 hour lesson will go through the
There will be a follow up lesson with a film
viewing and an activity of blogging .
IT laboratory
10 min.
The teacher writes on the blackboard "what is your favourite film?". Also, with IWB will project a page with images of famous movies that the students might have watched, therefore introducing the topic. The students are put in pairs. They have to choose a movie they both have enjoyed

10 min.
The teacher, using the blackboard, elicits vocabulary about films' genres and gives some examples of words used to describe the different roles in a film. Also elicits adjectives that might be used to describe a film.
Lesson 1 - STUDY
Getting ready to write:
10-15 min.
The teacher hands out a worksheet to the students that will fill it in in pairs. The sheet contains questions that will help the students understand what they should be writing in a paragraph about a movie
Lesson 1 - STUDY
Reading activity:
10-12 min.
The teacher will hand the students a worksheet with a paragraph about the movie "The theory of everything" by J. Marsh. The teacher will ask the students to read it individually and to note the parts in bold. What do they think they are?
Lesson 1 - Activate
Writing activity :
30 min.
Referring to the paragraph they have just read, the students will now be asked to write their own paragraph (100 to 200 words) about the film they had chosen at the beginning of the lesson. The pairs will compare their work and find similarities and differences.
the students will be allowed use of a bilingual vocabulary. Paragraph will be collected for formative assessment and informal evaluation.
students will be asked to complete a blog entry about the film seen in class. Afterwards, during the following month they wil have to blog about two more films they will have seen and enjoyed. The teacher will give them a blog address and credentials and will also participate in the blogging activity.
Waching a film at school:
the students will watch the movie "The Hours" by S. Daldry (running time 114 min.) and will be asked to use the same question worksheet of the first lesson to create an outline
Interdisciplinary link:
The movie will be chosen in accordance with the literature teacher as the class will have read and analyzed an extract by Virginia Woolf in Italian and the class will be familiar with the author
Students written entries posted on the blog will be formally evaluated using the following rubric:
The student with mild dysexia will be accomodated with enlarged photocopies . The blogging activity is ideal for student with this kind of difficulty. During the writing activity in class the student might also benefit of the use of a word processor (compensatory measure)
Anticipated problems
Students are likely to have different learning styles and will benefit from different strategies, that should therefore be used alternatively during the year
It might be necessary to change the pairs of students that seem to do not work well together
Interaction pattern: Teacher (facilitator)/Students, Peer to peer
Interaction pattern: Teacher/Students, Peer to Peer
Interaction pattern: individual work (Teacher monitoring)
Interaction pattern: individual work /peer to peer (Teacher observer)

(Students might want to use different colours to highlight expressions)
120 min + 120 min
What's your favourite film? Some examples
Thank you
for your attention!
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