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My Learning Style!

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tom courtney

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of My Learning Style!

My Learning Style!
Reading / Writting
I feel the way I learn is not just one, but three these are an equal balance of Aural and Kinaesthetic, but more noticeably is reading/written. This is shown by my need to write things down to revise later as sometimes i do not simply remember what someone says, therefore if i can revise what they say on paper i am more likely to remember what they said.
Why doesn't it suit me?
This learning style doesn't suit me because it is time consuming and also requires much attention to ensure the validity of the notes and sections of writing relevant to what I am studying. However it is how many university's teach their subjects, therefore this method of learning will be useful for the future as well as studying as I am currently.
How might knowing this change my behavior?
This could change my behavior with regards to what i am doing when the teacher is giving a lecture. For example i may take notes and bullet point them as the lecturer speaks in order to revise from them later, and also for future reference.
Methods other people use.
Sub-methods of learning I use.
People with this as a strong preference learn from the experience gained by doing something whilst they value their own background of experiences and slightly, the knowledge of others. The key for helping a kinaesthetic learner is the reality of the example you give, if it can be easily understood then the learner Is more than likely to learn what you are trying to teach at a faster pace and in more depth. It is possible to write or speak kinaesthetically if the topic is strongly based in a likely situation. An assignment that requires the details of who is doing something must include good detail for the learner to fully grasp what is trying to be said.
This learning style describes a desire for information that is heard or spoken. People who have this as their main learning method report that they learn best from lectures, group discussions, email, talking things through, and other oral communicational methods. Email is included here because; it is often full of informal language that you would associate with speaking regularly. The aural preference includes talking aloud as well as talking to themselves. Most that often people with this inclination want to sort things out by speaking first, rather than sorting out their ideas and then speaking. They may go over what they have said, or ask simple and previously answered questions. They may have the necessity to say it themselves again and they may learn through saying it in their own idiolect.
This Learning method includes looking at physical pieces of information that are or similar to graphs, charts, flow charts, etc... that often depicts data. Also all the symbolic arrows, circles, hierarchies and other devices that people use to represent what could have been shown in words. This learning method explains information with pictures rather than writing or reading for example; It does not include still pictures or photographs of reality, movies, videos or boring depictions of data such as power point. It does however include designs, whiteboard, patterns, shapes and the different formats that are used to transfer information from one person to another. When a whiteboard is used to show a diagram with meaningful symbols of the relationship between different things that will be helpful for those with a Visual preference.
Resources I have used to collaborate this presentation,
as well as my own knowledge.
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