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Mind Mapping + Personal Kanban = Productivity

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Paul Boos

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Mind Mapping + Personal Kanban = Productivity

Mind Mapping + Personal Kanban = Productivity How Did I find this? What do you do? WhERE CAN I LEARN MORE? Create Mind Map Move Tasks to Personal Kanban Board Design Personal Kanban Board Saw @rdempsey tweet about using it He later produced a short vid on how he used it @ourfounder had some useful tidbits he shared Create Mind Map Design Personal Kanban Board Create Personal Kanban Board MOve Tasks to Personal Kanban Board Saved my mindmap to PDF Copied & Pasted end node text Create Card Color code as appropriate Manage Tasks http://personalkanban.com/personal-kanban-101 http://slideshare.net/ourfounder/personal-kanban-101 Jim Benson's InfoPak http://blog.adsdevshop.com/2010/05/20/mindmapping-personal-kanban-super-productivity Robert Dempsey's Video Post WhAt Tools Did YOu Use? http://leankitkanban.com http://mindomo.com Why Do I Want To Use IT? 31 items in one week!

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