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pyp Deforestation

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of deforestation

Central Idea
The preservation of nature is essential for the survival of all living things.

It's meaning: It is very important to take care of our planet for our own lives and of living creatures on earth.

Deforestation is a universal problem that is having a negative impact in the world. Deforestation makes all humans reflect on their actions.

Line of Inquiry 1
Line of inquiry 1
Line of Inquiry 2
Line of Inquiry 2: Negative effects of deforestation on living things

Trees are vital for our daily life but we only recognize trees as product from a factory. Moreover, we don't realize that there are more things that trees provide us than just clean air like shelter, clean water, medicines, conserving energy and many more.

Line of Inquiry 1 : Living things and nature
Concept: Function
Line of inquiry 1
But the most fundamental reason why trees are essential to living things is that they help to clean the air that we breathe and provide us oxygen we need to survive.

By: Felipe Castro, Sara Colmenares, Nicolas Girón and María José Guevara

Concept: Causation
Line of Inquiry 2
Negative effects:
Loss of species
Climate change
Water cycle
Soil erosion
Life quality

Trees are essential for human survival and help us to prevent many environmental problems like global warming and erosion.
Line of Inquiry 2
Line of Inquiry 3: Human responsability towards nature
Concept: Responsability

Line of inquiry 3
Preservation is when you conserve something. It is related to our topic because it is when you take care of the environment, especially trees. It refers to saving natural resources for future generations .

Line of inquiry 3

How to preserve!
We can preserve by recycling, stopping cutting plants or trees, stopping taking animals from forests, not contaminating, not wasting trees and not polluting water

Line of inquiry 3

Some campaigns against deforestation are:
Sum of us
Chico Mendes

There are many things that campaigns can do to stop deforestation like making protests, talking to the government of many countries or
convincing other deforestation defenders to union with them.
Taking care of trees and our environment could completely change our future.

Line of inquiry 3
Action plan
We are cutting trees and that is a problem for everyone. It's causing many problems worldwide.

Now it is time to act. As a community we need everyone's help to realize how nature is vital and important for our survival.

Action Plan
We want to plant 3 Alcaparro trees at the school to represent how taking care of nature could change the mind of others. We have already received the permission to plant the trees. The name of tree would be “The Primary tree” as a symbol of nature for Primary and future generations.

The tree would have a plaque on the front of the tree.
Deforestation is affecting each living thing around the world. Which is a big deal.


If we continue cutting down trees, then humans and other living things will greatly suffer because we rely on the many benefits that trees provide us.  

Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale.
Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area, but about the size of Panamá are lost each and every year.
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