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Kaiser Permanente Career Day

No description

Gina Asa

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Kaiser Permanente Career Day

Kaiser Permanente
Career Day General Information Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center
10180 SE Sunnyside Road, Clackamas, OR 97015
(503) 652-2880 Job Shadow Information This job shadow covered the following careers:
Warehouse Workers
Blood Lab Researchers
Physical and Occupational Therapists Warehouse Workers:
Store supplies on shelves
Sort supplies into packages
Ready supplies to be taken to the 400+ medical centers that the warehouse supplies Blood Lab Researchers:
Store blood donations in the blood bank
Conduct experiments on blood to find diseases, etc. Physical and Occupational Therapists:
Help patients get back to a normal life
Help them integrate lifelong impairments into normal life Business Atmosphere Business casual attire
Good communication
Tour guides always asked if we had questions
Peaceful and professional atmosphere Expectations Thought it was going to be super formal
That we were going to learn more about health careers and not warehouses and labs
That I would get a lot of information about how the health care industry works
That the people would be bothered by all the teenagers Events of the Day Visited the central stores warehouse where we got to see where all the supplies for about 480 medical centers and one hospital were stored
Got to see inside their blood lab where hematology took place
Visited the physical and occupational therapy center and got to see and play around with some different tools used in therapy Highlights of the Day Being able to see the elderly actually being helped at the physical and occupational therapy center. They were being walked around and helped by stepping up stairs and using exercise equipment.
Another highlight was the tour guide. He was very helpful in answering questions and trying to make the day interesting for the ten or so teenagers he had to lead around. Lowlight of the Day The lowlight of the day was the limited things we got to see. I feel like there was so much potential to see, but we were denied that. We did not get to see the simulation lab that we were promised. Recommendation for Future PACE Students I would not recommend this career day for future PACE students solely because they do not show you much. The people are nice and willing to show you specific places, but you do not get to see many places of interest. CIS I did not get to shadow the job that I wanted to, but here is the information for physical and occupational therapy. Physical Therapy:
Employment in US - 198,600 in 2010
Wages in US - upon entry, $65,860 yearly
Education - require a license and atleast a bachelor's degree Occupational Therapy:
Employment in US - 108,800 in 2010
Wages in US - upon entry $61,520 yearly
Education - require a license and atleast a bachelor's degree with a six month internship Advantages of Physical Therapy Help people
Make a difference in their lives
Great need at the moment
Can work pretty much anywhere Disadvantages of Physical Therapy Work long hours
Emotionally and physically demanding
Advanced education Why Physical Therapy? I want to be able to help people, make a difference, and have a meaningful career.
I'm not sure I want to do physical therapy, but it seems like a good career.
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