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The Big Wedding

No description

Brandi Pappas

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The Big Wedding

Alejandro is originally from Argentina and was adopted by a wealthy
American family from Connecticut.
Alejandro and Missy are getting married.
Don and Ellie have been divorced for many years, however, in order to get Al’s biological mother’s approval and blessing, the Griffins must pretend to be happily married.
They are hilariously forced to encounter their past, present, and inevitable future together. The
Wedding Diane Keaton as Ellie

Robert Di Nero as Don

Robin Williams as Father Moinighan

Susan Sarandon as Bebe

Katherine Heigle as Lyla

Topher Grace as Jared

Ben Barnes as Alejandro By: Brandi Pappas Trailer- Cast- Components-





Sound: Small wealthy town in Connecticut Although the acting was criticized by many critics, I thought the acting was done quite well. Many of the scenes were shot outside during the day, and the lighting was great, very bright and realistic The costumes and outfits were suitable and appropriate for each character. Make-up was natural, again, suitable for each character and each scene The music went well with each scene, sometimes aiding in the transition to the next scene. Excitable when necessary, and tranquil when it needed to be. Nothing too special about the sound,
it went well with the entire movie. Editing was fine, this was, however,
one of the things that was spoken
about negatively by those who bashed
film. Editing: Summary- Setting: Acting: Comedy: To me, this movie hits
the comedy genre right
on the head. It is typical of a comedy in the sense that it has the traits of a comedy (humor, jokes, and punch lines). All in all, I rate The Big Wedding an 8.5.
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