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Postpartum Group Therapy

Presentation for Introduction to Group Psychotherapy by Tamara Rivera

Tamara Orlando

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Postpartum Group Therapy

Postpartum Group
Therapy What is it? PPD is characterized by feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, crying, thoughts of harming self or baby, and lack of interest of baby
It can affect up to 15% of women and symptoms can begin during the pregnancy or anytime during the first year after childbirth
Some risk factors include: SES, Hx of depresssion, mother of multiples, major recent life event, or complications during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding
-Tamara Rivera What do you think of when you hear of postpartum depression? Differential Diagnosis Postpartum psychosis is characterized by: Delusions
Decreased need for sleep
Mood swings Common Treatments Antidepressants
Individual Psychotherapy
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