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Arthur G. Wavell

No description

giselle ibarra

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Arthur G. Wavell

Arthur G. Wavell
By : Giselle Ibarra
what does Empresario mean ?
An Empresario was a person who had been granted the right to settle on Mexican land in exchange for recruiting and taking responsibility for new settlers.
Arthur G. Wavell
date of birth : Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 20, 1785,

date of death : He died in London on July 10, 1860
Biography of Arthur G. Wavell
Date of empresario contract
The Colony
Families settled in colony
number of families settled in colony

wavell was to settle 400 to 500 in the section of territory on the red river .
hardship of those who settled
in 1826 Wavell attempted to visit his colony but was prevented by flood waters.
Was the contract fulfilled ?
The Colony Today
Is the colony a settled area of Texas today ?
Name of one modern day city in the boundaries of the colony
March 9 1825
Arthur Goodall Wavell, English soldier of fortune and colonial empresario, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 20, 1785, the son of William Wavell.he was first 1826 he appointed Benjamin Rush Milam as his agent to recoup his investment. No money, however, was ever recovered.
Dr Wavel I rec'd a few lines from you a day or two
ago without date or signature post marked
in Mexico. You ask how I am getting on
to which I answer not very well — and I assure
you I am heartily sick of the whole business
and shall gain nothing by it but losses &
fatigue, and if you wish to keep out of trouble
let Colonization matters alone, either here
or any where else — The grant I rec'd was
to settle 300 families agreeably to the Col [on]
ization law, for which my ag [damaged original]
22 1/2 leagues of land — the half of which be[long]
to my friend in Orleans so that I ha [ve?]
11 1/4 leagues for my share — you blame[d]
me for not writing to you in London. I did
write often by way of Orleans, & if I had en[cour]
aged you to bring out goods to a large amt.
perhaps you would have blamed me more.
I have spent more in this damned affair than
it will ever be worth — we are burnt up by
the drouth and there is some
The Wavell Colony Register is a list of 122 families that were registered in Arthur G. Wavell's Colony during the years 1826 to 1830.
map of territory
the colony was along the red river
Charles Burkham, his wife, Ann (Abbet), their children, and several other families
Burkham group reached the Red River valley on July 4, 1816. By March 1820 they crossed the Red River to locate permanently at the mouth of Mill Creek, near what became the border of Red River
by the red river was wavell's colony
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