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Tao of Healing - Jing Cultivation

Final project Spring 2013

Kat McNally

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Tao of Healing - Jing Cultivation

Kat McNally Tao of Healing
Final Project pain Make time for things that bring joy.
Tao of Voice (singing)
Nature and animals
Joyful body movement

Improve my health
Stretching & Physical Therapy
Dry sauna / detoxification
Digestive enzymes
Increase water intake
Supplements / herbs
Get better SLEEP!

Meditation (Walking & Breath work)
Choosing to react differently to stressors. My
Tree guilt fear illness intimacy Cultivation meditation health love creativity Find &
Balance 3. Customize a plan of action. What did I have to start with?
What have I already lost?
What might be restored?
What am I in danger of losing? 1. Take an inventory. 2. Realization I am allowing stress to
rob me of my longevity,
and I have to take action
before it's too late! “The flame that burns
twice as bright
burns half as long.”
Lao Tzu Chi Jing Shen This poor candle
is in big trouble! Stress
Injury Are you
being a
of your
candle? Just a Few
Common Stressors

Lack of:
peace of mind
healthy living
resources And we begin to break... K. McNally time with animals meditate more music singing fresh air raw foods jing care
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