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Fish! Philosophy

No description

Ryan-Allen McKinney

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Fish! Philosophy

The FISH Philosophy!
What was your strategy during the game?
Were you caught up in what just happened or what might happen instead of being in the moment?
How did you win or lose?
Be present during:
with friends
How often do we find ourselves sitting in class or hanging out with friends and thinking about that test next week or our to-do list?
Write down the last five winners of the Academy Award for Best Actor/Actress
Write down the last five winners of the Heisman trophy
Write down five people at GMU who have had a positive impact on your life
Which list was easier to complete?
Why do you think so?
Can you give an example of a time you actively chose your attitude?
What are some of the issues that come up with your students?
How can you incorporate FISH into solving some of these issues?
How can choosing your attitude affect your position as a Student Building Manager and your relationship with customers?
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