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HPV Mandate in Texas

No description

Mackenzie Bell

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of HPV Mandate in Texas

State Mandates In 2006, Michigan was the first state to introduce legislation mandating the HPV vaccination but the bill did not pass
Toward the end of 2006, Ohio also attempted similar legislation but it did not pass either
Finally, in 2007 Texas became the first state to mandate the HPV vaccination Executive Order 65 On February 2, 2007 Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas issued the following executive order
"The Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner shall adopt rules that mandate the age appropriate vaccination of all females children for HPV prior to admission to the sixth grade." Problem Stream National Statistics Today Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States
There are an estimated 9,710 new cases of cervical cancer each year, many of which are caused by HPV
3,700 deaths from cervical cancer each year in the United States Texas Statistics Texas cancer registry estimates there were 1169 new cases and 391 deaths from cervical cancer in Texas in 2006 Policy Stream Merck and Co., Inc HPV vaccine Gardasil FDA approval June 2006 CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendation for routine vaccination for females 11-12 years of age in June 2006 Texas companion legislation HB 215 and SB 110 Governor Rick Perry issues Executive Order 65 Political backlash: HB 115, HB 1098, and SB 438 These identical bills mandate HPV vaccine for girls entering 6th grade This EO bypassed normal legislative procedure mandating HPV vaccination Political Stream In 2007, both the House and Senate were majority Republican This conservative base made it hard to pass a mandate about sexual issues
Governor Rick Perry Assumed role of Texas Governor in 2000
Won Gubernatorial race by small margin in 2002 and 2006 with both a fiscally and socially conservative platform
Perry shocked legislatures and consistuents alike with this radical move
Possible personal and financial connections with Merck and CO., Inc. Merck and CO., Inc. Public Opinion Physicians The American Pediatrics Association did not back the mandate
The Texas Medical Association did not back the mandate either
Religious Groups Stressed parents are THE decision makers for their child's health
Worried the vaccine would promote pre-marital sex
Catholic Bishops of Texas asked Perry to rescind EO and wanted public debate Parent's Reaction Mixed reactions to the EO
Generally were opposed to it Policy Window Focusing Event: ACIP recommendation Length of Window June 2006-February 2007 Window Closing Gov. Perry issuing RP 65 Policy Outcomes HB 1098 On February 5, 2007 HB 1098 was filed in Texas House of Representatives
Rescinds RP 65
passed overwhelming in both the House and Senate April 26, 2007
Went into effect on May 8, 2007 Perry chose not to veto HB 1098
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