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Software Architect

No description

Jitin Dodd

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Software Architect

Level 1:

Level 2:
Job Description

Level 3:
Skills and Salary

Game Over!
Who? What? Where?
Skills and Salary
Software Architect
Time to get a feel for what
will be discussed!
Job Description
Is Software Architecture for you?
Meet Bob.
Bob is from a video game
Today, Bob will help explain one of his creators:
the software architect

The Basics
Work Environment
Work for private software companies, government agencies, consulting firms, or their own business.

Work primarily takes place in office or lab environment.
Level 4:

High School
The End
By: Jitin Dodd
Suggested Qualifications

to design, make, and supervise.
the non-tangible components of the computer, also called programs.
Software Architect:
a computer programmer who makes high-level decisions
while monitoring technical standards.
Duties/Responsibilities (cont'd)
Clean and comfortable environment, not physically demanding, weather does not affect workplace.
Working around computers for a long time can lead to back, neck, and repetitive stress injuries, also "beautiful days" can be wasted indoors.
Meeting project deadlines can be stressful.

Most work 40 hours a week, however, architects often need to work overtime due to their vital role to the completion of projects.
What most people think about Software Architects:
- "Software Architect" is just a fancy way of saying "Software Programmer," therefore, all software architects do is sit at a computer and program.

Actual Duties of a Software Architect:
- Software architects create custom development procedures for each and every project.

- Architects determine how much a project will cost, the amount of time it will take to finish, and how practical it is as a whole.

- They take on more of a leadership role, supervising other IT professionals such as systems analysts, technicians, and computer programmers.

- If any help is required by other IT professionals, a software architect helps troubleshoot and fix the problem.

- Therefore, a software architect is a software programmer, however, a software programmer is not a software architect.
- Tasks as the business/IT translator include:

obtaining goals of company leaders, and determining a way to implement the goals in the software.

consulting company leaders about project deadlines and modifying project pace and plan accordingly.

experiment with alternative ways to approach the software at hand and determining the best way.

administering workshops, tutorials, and training for programmers while simultaneously explaining company mission.
- Software architects are programmers who have emerged as leaders.

- Software architects are individuals which understand the business side of the industry as they're often required to play the role of translator between the business and IT professionals.
Google programming office.
IT/Business translation.
The three principles of software architecture.
A Memorable Architect
Software architects must have:
- Leaderships skills
To lead,teach, and mentor a group of new programmers or even other architects.

- Communication skills
Required for the "translation" between business and IT, as well as during facilitation/maintenance of IT professionals.

- Teamwork skills
Software projects are done in groups and for an architect to be successful, he/she must be comfortable working around others.

- Ability to motivate others
Software architects are driven/motivated individuals in the IT industry, however, newer programmers often have a hard time adjusting to the workplace, therefore architects need to be able to motivate them to make projects successful.

- Problem-solving/analytical skills
Everyone in the IT industry requires this skill, simply because the main premise of software creation is problem-solving and so only individuals with an aptitude for problem-solving will be able to make good software architects.
- Proficiency in specific programming languages such as Java, C#, and Flash.

- IT-related certifications (e.g. MCP certification).

- History in business related studies with an obvious specialty/major in computer science or other IT major.

- Prior experience in software development role and general business/project management experience.
Experienced Software Architect Salary (Canada):
Entry Level Software Architect Salary (Canada):
Stats last updated: January 11, 2014
Skills/Salary/Experience Statistics
- First off, any individual looking to go into software architecture will need to do well in high school, more specifically, in their maths and sciences (especially computer science).

- The following are the suggested grade 11/12 high school courses for software architecture:

- Software architecture is a field in which only a university degree will land the job, college degrees just won't cut it.

- Most IT-related bachelor's degree can end up landing the software architect job.

- A bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or computer engineering is what the majority of today's software architects possess. Therefore, this is looked at as the
minimum requirement

- Bachelor's degree in one of the aforementioned subjects generally take 4 years (5 if it is a co-op program) and are available at most universities across Canada.
- Because undergraduate degrees are often enough to get the job as a software architect, not many go on to pursue post-graduate studies as they are generally a waste of time and money.

- The ones that do choose to go into post-graduate studies, tend to stay away from a computer's degree and go for a business degree instead.

- Business degrees such as the MBA are pursued because they can help validate management/business skills, pave the road for an entrepreneurship idea, or better the odds of landing a job at a desirable company.
Recommended Undergraduate Program
- Computer Science at University of Waterloo (BSc)

- Waterloo's computer science program is the one of the most renowned computer-related program in all of Canada.

- Computer Science is the study of the principles and use of computers, centering around computer software creation.

- This program gives students the necessary problem-solving and analytical skills to be successful as an architect due to its theory-based learning.

- The great thing about this program is its co-op option, if it is taken: 2 out of the 5 years of the program end up being on-job work experience. Remember: experience is the largest factor in landing a job (even greater than a glorified degree).

- CS at Waterloo will essentially give students a head start on their resume and simultaneously foster greater confidence and a greater interest in computer science.

- Another reason this program is the best fit for software architecture is its flexibility. Computer science, unlike software engineering, offers a great deal of elective courses. This means, a student can pursue a minor in business (to help with the business aspect of architecture) or even take more programming courses if they wish.
Bob now knows everything about software architects!
Architects are that cool!
For the complete unedited job description of a Software Architect, visit:
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