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Violent Non-State Actors

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Ahmed Al Shamsi

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Violent Non-State Actors

Ahmed Al Shamsi

Violent Non-State Actors
Defining VNSA’s

An individual or organization that has significant political influence but is not allied to any particular country or state.

A violent non-state actor (VNSA) is an organization that uses illegal violence. (i.e. force not officially approved by the state) to promote their cause or reach its goals.

Education (Indoctrination)
Medical Care
Combat training

Using Social Services
Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt)
Internal :
Came into power through a democratic process
Supported by a majority of the population
External :
Financial Support from Qatar.
Support from Hamas & Al Qaeda

Internal Drivers :
Internal Struggle
Internal Popularity
External Drivers :
External Funding
External Pressure

Is using social services a major tool for the survival of Non-state actors ?

Ungoverned Areas :

No Infrastructure
Inadequate education
Lack of Security
Lack of Medical Care
Lack of Governmental Presence

My Model
Q & A
Muslim Brotherhood
Head Quarters: Egypt (1928) Goal – Impose Sunni Sharia law

• Present In over 70 countries
• Over 2 million members
• Internal support
• Popular in the main stream society

Case study

• Providing Social Services in those countries
• Huge Presence in the Parliament (gained majority in 2011-2012)
• External Moral & financial Support

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