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Davia Kendall

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Amistad

The Amistad
The Amistad is the only ship that was overtaken by slaves.
The leader that over took the Amistad was Cinque. He found something sharp and undid his shackles. Cinque lead the attack and tried to go back to his homeland. So he ordered the captain to take him to Sierra Leone. In the daylight Cinque was guided by the sun , but at night the captain started heading north and the Africans wouldn't know where they were going. The Amistad The Amistad was mislabled as being a pirate ship, but it was soon treated as slaves murdering the crew. The trial failed because they weren't American, so it couldn't be tried in US court. Once Mr. Baldwin help bring this case to the Supreme Court, the slaves were very happy that they could have another chance to be free and see their families again. Trial 2: In this trial the Africans
were in the Supreme Court they
were being tried as property of
Spain. A young boy who was aboard the Amistad, wrote a letter
to Mr. Adams who was once a former
slave ship captain and a former president. The Prosecutor claimed
that the captain of the slave ship bought the slaves from Cuba and therefore they were Spain's property and so the slaves are his. Mr. Adams went and found a person that could talk or speak Mendi While one day he was walking
counting to ten in Mendi an African women
talked to him in Mendi. She
translated for them. It was determined that the slaves were kidnapped and taken from
Mendi land, Sierra Leone. Since it is illegal to take free
Africans from other countries and bring them to the U.S., the judge said it was proven that these Africans were kidnapped and brought here. This meant they were free before they were slaves. The judge said that
they are free and that they can go back to their country, but we will not put forth any money for your
return to your country The African Americans finally learned
enough English to go around to churches and tell their story, their struggles, and their pain. The African Americans finally earned enough money to go back home. It took them 2 years to get back to their home. That means 2 years without their families, job, familiar faces, people that love them. People just might be missing them and not know if they will ever come back, but the finally made it home.
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