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Does caffeine affect heart rate?

No description

Rossul Aldhufari

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Does caffeine affect heart rate?

Does caffeine affect heart rate?

My question
Controlled Variable- No caffeine
The materials we need are...
Procedure / steps
Get all your materials ready
I predict that caffeine does affect heart rate.
According to my background research I read that caffeine makes your heart beat faster so I'm predicting that when you drink caffeine it will make you more awake. Also I read caffeine will make you more able to do physical activities and hyper so I'm guessing it will increase your heart rate since physical activities does increase heart rate. I also read caffeine should not be given to children so I'm predicting that It should not be given children because it increases heart rate.
My question is seeing if caffeine will affect heart rate?
The purpose of my project is to test if caffeine will increase or decrease heart rate. I want to see when I gave a can of caffeine if it will increase their heart rate.
I predict that caffeine does affect heart rate.From what I know I think that caffeine keeps you awake and more able to do physical activity.
Independent Variable- Amount of caffeine the character drinks
Dependent Variable-Will caffeine affect heart rate
9 cans of 34mg caffeinated pop for one trial and all steps / $5 / Grocery Store
Timer / $5 / Shopping Store
Notebook / 1.00-3.00 dollars / Craft Store, Supply Store
Rossul Aldhufari

3 people/ free / asked people from my house
After you measured their regular heart rate , Take your caffeine beverage and drink it
When they drink their beverage wait ten minutes than set your timer to one minute and count their heart rate
Next get your other person and make them drink two cans of caffeine
Measure all your subject heart rate to know if they increase or decreased through my experiment
Repeat the same set by waiting ten minutes and later testing their heart rate by using a timer
Record your infomation in your notebook through out the experiment
During the experiments I observed that the more caffeine you drink the more your heart rate will increase
I observed that when you drink a can of caffeine your heart rate will beat two times a second instead of one per minute
When doing my project I noticed when they drank caffeine they were more awake
I also noticed they they didn't move and still increased they heart rate because they drank caffeine
It is important notice that if you don't measure their normal heart rate your project will not be valid since you don't know if it increased or decreased
Some problems I have is the person in my project wasn't resting so that I can see if caffeine affect heart rate so they need to rest in order to see if caffeine affects heart rate.
For next I am thinking about doing heart rate at exercise. I want to do this because I was amazed that your heart rate can change with no physical movement just by drinking caffeine, so I was to see heart rate with exercise but with no caffeine. What I learned is caffeine did affect heart rate and increased their heart rate
This applies to real life because people drink coffee in the morning to stay awake. Now this shows me why people drink caffeine in the morning, this shows it helps them to stay awake and alert by raising their heart rate.
My process accomplish my purpose because it showed me my step to find if my hypothesis is valid or not.
New ideas that popped into my mind are caffeine helps people to stay alert in the mornings.
After doing my experiment it looked like caffeine does effect heart rate. After doing my trails the heart rate increased without any physical activity just by drinking caffeine.
Conclusion ( continued)
How to measure heart rate
Heart rate can be measured with a lot of thing but the easiest thing to do is by placing two fingers on your wrist and counting the heartbeat,because It hard count heartbeat while counting time you can put a stopwatch or timer and set it to any minute to count how many beats are in a minute.You can also measure heart rate by using a stethoscope.If you have a stethoscope you can place the stethoscope on you heart or wrist and listen to the beat of your heart while counting the time.
A normal heart rate
The normal resting heart rate for adults, including older-aged adults and everyone over the age of 10 years,The heart rate is between 60-100 bpm. As you can see heart rate depends on your age such as newborns and baby’s heart rate is about 80-160 bpm. Toddlers heart rate is about 75-115 bpm . I'm starting to notice that when you’re older you heart rate is less than it was when you were a baby or a toddler.
2. Pour the can into a cup ( 12 fl oz )
1. Gather materials
3. Drink the caffeinated item of your choice while you are resting
4. Measure your volunteers heart rate
Do any of you drink caffeine on a daily bases?
Question :)
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