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Ocean Engineering

No description

Taylor Burkhart

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering
By Taylor Burkhart
What type of work does this person do?
They researches and designs a lot of marine equipment. They also design ships and oil rigs.
What is the current salary they make?
According to July 2014 data from Payscale.com Ocean Engineers make about $59,072 a year.
What are the working conditions? Inside/Outside/Office/Plant/Lab?
Most Ocean Engineers work outside on a beach or somewhere like that, but some work in sheds or labs or an office. So they can either work inside or outside.
What are the major job responsibilities?
They have to plan projects so they can share them with each other, they have to design ships and and tunnels in order to get from one place to the other, they are in charge of developing new products that they make. They are responsible for doing a lot more these are most of the important ones
Is there a demand for ocean Engineers in the future?
Yes, there is a demand for Ocean Engineers in the future. There should be job growth over the next decade. They should grow as fast as other jobs in the world, which is about regular or average speed.
What type of education is needed for this job?
You need to have a bachelors degree so you can have a heavier emphasis on the
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