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No description

on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of BANKSY

Street Art; Art created and situated in public places, rather than in mainstream art galleries, to provoke a reaction or a response.
Graffiti; A form of street art that involves illicitly scribbling or writing on a wall or public place.
Tools, Materials and Processes;
Spray Paint
Roll Paint
Banksy's Art Practice;
How have audiences reacted to Banksy around the world?
What is your reaction to banksy's street art?
What is Public art and how does banksy show example to that?
Where has bansky's Artwork been placed aropund the world?
His artwork has been placed in the world such as in Bristol, London, Greece, Sydney, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.
What are some of the drawbacks about Banksy placed his art in public places?

During Banksy’s career as an artist he had a lot of drawbacks in when he placed his artwork out in public.

He also had a lot of critically drawbacks from Peter Gibson and Diane Shakes from the same organization and from Blek Le Rat.

Banksy has also been criticised for copying the work of Blek Le Rat who created the life-sized stencil technique in early 1980s Paris. He also had drawbacks from the government and the people in the area of where Banksy's work has been placed.

How does Banksy’s artwork comment on the world around him? Give examples of specific artwork.
Banksy's work reflects the world around him because his artworks have a true meaning about it. There are two examples that comments on a cultural issue.

Bomb Hugger - London
In this picture is a young girl hugging a bomb to her chest.
It symbolises the horror of war next to the innocence and purity of the young girl

Cut It Out-Palestine
In this artwork it shows a perforated line with scissors. Yet it is a powerful statement urging by-passers to cut a hole in the wall and reunite the people.

Abnormal and unique
Artworks were illegally perpetrated
Were displayed publicly
Pieces often conveyed a political issue
IN what year was banksy born in?

What is the difference between graffiti and street art?

Where has banksy's artwork been seen across the world?

Can you name some artworks that Banksy has done?
I believe Banksy is an articulate mind with moving political ideas and mesmerising artworks. My reaction to his provocative pieces is one that is quite positive, as art can only be perceived as positive if you understand it. His artworks shed light on themes that are so fundamental in this day and age yet still overlooked. I believe Banksy is an outrageously talented artist with great messages within his artworks.



Banksy's work strikes a chord with many, particularly youth's becasue of the blunt usage of messages.

Some admire and love the creativity of Banksy's artwork, some think his artwork in incredible. On the other hand some people's reactions towards Banksy's artwork are spiteful, shocked, angry and unpleased. Some people don't like Banksy's artwork, because he graffit's over buildings and places which is illegal.
He has managed to develop a large following.
When and Where was Banksy Born?
DOB: 1974
City Of Birth: Bristol, United Kingdom
KEy Artworks
His most recognised artworks would be ‘Girl with balloon’ and ‘Rage, The Flower Thrower’. He uses stencils, though it is unknown how he makes them, most likely spray paint or normal paint.
BAnksy's art practice
Quote: “Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint.”
You don’t need to speak loudly to make a statement, your artwork can do that for you.

Banksy's INtentions
I think that he wants to criticize society, show sarcasm in his artworks about the government and show how hypocritical we are for completing actions that we’ve said are wrong or shouldn’t be done etc.
Public art is a visual representation of how we see the world and it isn't neccessarily the same for everyone. Banksy shows this by using very sarcastic or critical quotes, about society, and pictures in his art that normally wouldn't be portrayed with art. I think audiences would appreciate Banksy's art more if it were in a gallery. I think that because it's on some wall in a street, people will look, they just won't pay all that much attention or you could get it painted over. In a gallery, people will actully take time to try and figure out what you mean.
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