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Continents and Oceans

No description

Andrea Ryals

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Continents and Oceans

and Oceans

houses countries such as China, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Russia
has the worlds largest population, tallest mountain, and deepest inland body of water
is the largest continent
North America
Where we live
United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America
South America
very warm and dry, like a desert
A variety of languages are spoken here
birthplace of civilization
looks like a rhino's head
smallest continent
very warm, extremely hot actually, because it is below the equator
home of kangaroos and marsupials
Australia is underneath Asia
Arctic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Southern Ocean
underneath India
touches 3 continents: Africa, Asia, and Australia
Ocean that is further south than the Indian Ocean
Surrounds Antarctica on all sides
is frequented by penguins and many species of fish
in between the Americas and Africa
where many hurricanes develop
second largest ocean
In between the Americas and Asia
the largest ocean
One of the coldest parts of the ocean,
contains glaciers and lots of ice
located far north of Europe and North America
Above South America
Above the equator



Made up by large countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Peru.
Below North America
Below the Equator
is fenced in by 3 oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Southern
surrounded by the southern ocean
very cold and windy
sometimes known as the south pole
the bottom of the globe
lots of penguins live here
Europe has countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Great Britain, and Finland.
Is the only continent whose name does not have an A in it, nor does it begin with an A.
by Andrea Ryals
April 22, 2014
Test your knowledge

Can you match them in under 70 seconds?Don't forget to post your time on the class game leader board.
What is a Continent?
A continent is a a large landmass that has water around it.
Earth has continents
Let's meet them!
What is an Ocean?
An ocean is a large body of water that is outside of a continent on one or more sides
Earth has oceans.
Let's learn more about them now!
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