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Relative Pronouns

4th grade

Sarah White

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns What is their job? Relative Pronouns What are the relative pronouns? Which should you use? Relative pronouns can combine two sentences. Underline the relative clause.
Circle the relative pronoun. Try it out! Select the best relative pronoun Link and introduce a relative clause to another part of a sentence. Who Who and Whom Which should you use? I told Mary. Mary then told Martha. The driver who ran the red light crashed his car. I found out _______ Harry worked with. Example Dan, who visits frequently,
was late today. Whom Whose Which That Maggie, who loves to read, picked up her book. She chose someone whom she considered responsible. The boy whose dog was loose ran quickly. Katie did all the homework that the teacher assigned. The homework, which was hard, took one hour. Always refer to people Which Always refers to things or ideas, never people That and Whose Can refer to people, things, and ideas that The book _____
I got from the library is due tomorrow. who which I told Mary who then told Martha. Try it out! The young girl lives next door.
The young girl needs a babysitter. The young girl who lives next door needs a babysitter. My book, which I bought last year,
was an adventure story. The boy that played trombone had a solo. (whose, whom, who) She learned _______ they invited. (whose, whom, who) The ship, _______ was lost at sea, had many passengers. (that, which, whose)
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