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Religon in the Media

No description

Calvin Kingsbury

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Religon in the Media

Religion in the Media
Calvin Kingsbury
Sam Fury
Josh Bryan
Thinking Hats
Green Hat
Red Hat
Yellow Hat
Blue Hat
White Hat
Black Hat
There are also several TV shows or radio broadcasts that are mainly unrelated to religion, but may have religion as part of plots or religious characters, such as Eastenders or even the Simpsons which has the Ned Flanders character, who is a very religious character. In some television shows there are characters who as part of certain plots will make self-discoveries about their religion but this is not part of the overall plot. These plots may be targeted towards people who have gone through similar things and understand what it is like.
Overall religion can be very good or very bad depending on
how it is approached and how people act. If religions are treated
fairly and properly then it can be educational, useful and
good for people who feel they are isolated because of their religion
or want to learn more. However, if it is manipulated or attacked then
people can be offended by it and it can even lead to hatred towards
certain people, so it all depends on how this sensitive issue is handled
Religion is a huge thing and a large part of people’s lives, and no single television show or radio show can get religion down exactly as it is an extremely personal thing and very important to people. Therefore, religion in the media, both serious and parody, can be offensive to some people, either serious or parody by either portraying one religion as the ‘right’ religion which contradicts that person’s beliefs, or portraying their religion in a bad light. This can be upsetting and offensive to people and also may contribute to most people having a certain opinion on one religion, such as hating Muslims if the media portrays them badly.
The yellow hat, positives of having religion in the media.

Having religion in the media can be good due to the fact that it has the ability to broadcast religious events and documenetries with religious material worldwide, spreading the word of religious events worldwide. This in turn can either start or strengthen people's belief in education and religion.
There are many things that can happen with religion being in the media, such as:

People becoming religious.
Faith in religion being strengthened.
Information about obscure religions being spread, allowing people to know more.
People have very varying opinions on religion in the media,
especially because it is such a large issue. Some people
believe religion in the media is too much, such as Van Morrison, who said: "These days politics, religion, media seem to get all mixed up. Television became the new religion a long time back and the media has taken over."

On the other hand, other people believe that it is a good thing, but is treated badly, like Alan Wilson, reporter for newspaper The Guardian who said: "In the British media, almost uniquely out-of-touch with the world of religion, sneering is too often a poor substitute for analysis."

Josh McEwen
Thanks for listening!
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