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Larissa Conrad

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of #WhiteGirlStatus

Biases & Unbiases
- we didn't put an age limit on the customers that walked in
- we didn't count the customers that went through the drive-thru.
We couldn't guess the gender and race of the unknown customers who sent someone to buy their drink.

Ho: Gender and race doesn't affects the consumption of Starbucks
Ha: Gender and race affects the consumption of Starbucks
We both visited two different Starbucks and marked down the gender and race of those who walked in and bought a drink.
We ran an observational test to see the gender and race that walked into the Starbucks and bought a drink. We wanted to test the Association of the gender and race with the purchase of the Starbucks drinks.
The purpose behind our research was to see whether or not Starbucks really was a white girl thing.
We used a 0.05 significance level when running our test.
White: Men-41
Black: Men-1
Hispanic: Men-19
Asian: Men-1
Other: Men-2
SRS: met! We took a random sample of those customers who walked in
Normal: We are sure that our 137 test subjects is less than 10% of Visalia's population
Independent: Each customer was independent from one another

Since our p-value is greater than the significance level then we would fail to reject the null hypothesis. According to our data Starbucks really is a white female thing.
Chi- Square
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