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Odysseus Sails Along

No description

Maura Boston

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Odysseus Sails Along

Odysseus Sails Along 1. Defeat of the Trojans After fighting in the Trojan War, Odysseus and his fellow Achaians finally defeat the Trojans. They sack the city and are finally able to relax for the first time in 10 years. 2. Sacrifice Shenanigans Shortly after the fall of Troy, the Achaians meet on the shore to develop a plan to return home. Menelaos is eager and wants to sail home immediately, but Agamemnon disagrees. He believes that they should offer a proper sacrifice to the gods before they leave the city of Troy. At dawn, half of the fleet leaves Troy with Menelaos and the other half stays behind with Agamemnon. After departing with Menelaos, Odysseus turns his ship around to return to offer a proper sacrifice to the gods. 3. Conflict with the Ciconians 5. Cyclopian Chaos 4. A Visit with the Lotus-Eaters 10. Crazy Circe Odysseus divides his crew into two groups; one group is led by himself and the other is led by Eurylochos. Eurylochos’ group travels to Circe's house. Sensing a trap, Eurylochos remains behind his men to watch what happens. He watches as all of his comrades are turned into pigs right before his eyes. Eurylochos travels back to Odysseus to warn him of what happened. When he hears this news, Odysseus contemplates on how to save his crew. 11. Helpful Hermes Luckily, Hermes comes to Odysseus and tells him how to defeat Circe. He gives Odysseus a charm in the form of a plant called moly.The charm will prevent Calpyso from brain washing Odysseus. Hermes then advises Odysseus to pretend act violently when Calypso tries to preform magic on him. If he pretends if he will hurt her, Hermes predicts that Circe will invite Odysseus to lie with her. Hermes says Odysseus must accept her offer and also make her swear an oath that she will not try to harm him. 12. Journey to the Underworld 6. Aiolos and the Bag of Winds After Odysseus saves his crew and spends a year living with Circe, he decides they should continue on their jourey home. Circe advises Odysseus to ask for directions from Teiresias, the blind Theban seer. Since Teiresias is in the Underworld, Circe gives Odysseus directions on how to travel there and what to do when he gets there. 13.Conversations in the Underworld 7. The Crew's Carelessness After arriving in the Underworld, Odysseus seeks the advice of Teiresias. Teiresias tells Odysseus that he will return home safely, but while on the island of Thrinacia, he must not harm any sheep. He also says that Odysseus will face many consequences if he harms the sheep in any way. After returning home, Teirisias strongly suggests that Odysseus should make a sacrifice to all of the gods, especially Poseidon. After listening to Teirisias' advice, Odysseus talks with the spirits of his family members and friends. 8. The Laistrygonians Attack 9. Landing on the Island of Aiaia 14. Burying Elpenor During his trip to the Underworld, Odysseus spoke with the spirit of Elpenor. Because he fell off of the roof and died as soon as his crew left Aiaia, Elpenor asked that the men traveled back to the island to give him a proper burial. Odysseus and his crew return to the island of Aiaia to properly bury their dead comrade Elpenor after their journey to the Underworld. 15. Circe Maps Out Route Before Odysseus and his crew leave Aiaia, Circe warns them of the Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis. Circe specifically informs them about each of these monsters and how to overcome them. She suggests different routes they should take on their journey home. The last piece of advice that Circe gives the crew is to avoid harming the sheep of Helios, just as Teirisias said. 22. Involvement with Ino 23. Odysseus meets Nausicaa After landing on Phaecia, Odysseus meets Nausicaa, the daughter of Alcinoos. When he meets her, Nausicaa is washing her family’s clothing with some of her maids. The group instantly offers Odysseus materials for bathing and clothers. Nausicaa also invites Odysseus to her father’s house for a meal. Odysseus travels to the palace of Alcinoos and tells the story of his journey. Odysseus and his men then sail to the land of the Cyclopians, a race of one-eyed giants. They soon find a cave full of sheep, crates of milk, and cheese. The men try to snatch some of these items for their own use until Polyphemus, the giant cyclops, returns. After two of his men are devoured by Polyphemus, Odysseus stabs the giant in the eye while he is sleeping. Odysseus and the rest of his men sneak out by clinging to the underside of sheep. The Achaians sail from the land of the Cyclopians to the home of Aiolos, owner of the winds. After Odysseus explains his situation to him, Aiolos gives Odysseus a bag that contains winds to help him on his journey home. Ten days after receiving the bag from Aiolos, Odysseus’ shipmates suspect that the bag actually contains gold or silver. Unfortunately, their curiosity and greed causes them to tear the bag open. This causes the winds to instantly leave the bag, therefore, sending them back to Aiolia. They ask Aiolos for help again, but he refuses. Because they have no wind, Odysseus and his crew end up sailing to the land of the Laistrygonians, a tribe of aggressive giants. The Laistrygonians begin to hurl huge boulders at Odysseus and his crew. They pelt the ships with giant boulders and sink all of the ships except for one. Only Odysseus’s ship escapes. Odysseus and his remaining men now travel to Aiaia, home of the beautiful witch-goddess Circe. The men spend two days and two nights on the shore mourning the deaths of their lost comrades. On the third day, they finally begin to explore the island. As they set out on their journey, Odysseus and his crew sale past the island of the Sirens, monsters who use their voices to lure victims to a grisly death. By asking his men to tie him down, Odysseus manages to listen to the Sirens' singing without jumping to his doom. As soon as Odysseus and his crew step on the land of the Ciconians, the Ciconians began to fight with them. The men quickly defeat the Ciconians and destroy their city. Shortly after Odysseus and his crew collect the goods and cattle from the city, the Ciconians return with more of their friends, eager to continue fighting. They swiftly advance upon the Achaians, so the Achaians decide to flee the island. 16. The Sirens After ten days, the crew lands on the island of the lotus-eaters. At first, the lotus-eaters are very welcoming toward Odysseus and his crew. They provide the men with food and water. They then offer their guests lotus. The men who eat the lotus, forget about returning home and only want to chew the lotus. Odysseus realizes the effect the lotus has on his men, so he forces all his men to return to the boats in order to travel home. On his journey, Odysseus comes across the White Sea goddess, Ino. Ino tells Odysseus to take off his clothes and place her veil on his chest. This will protect him from any harm until he reaches land. Odysseus follows her commands. When he reaches the stable land of Phaecia, Odysseus returns the veil back to Ino. After making it past the Sirens, Odysseus and his men are confronted by the abomination Scylla and the all-devouring Charybdis. Six of Odysseus' companions are killed by Scylla as he and his crew sail past. 17. Scylla and Charybdis Despite overcoming the challenge of facing Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus and his crew next land on the island of Thrinacia. This island soon proves to cause trouble. On the island of Thrinacia, Odysseus' men disregard the warnings given to them by Circe and Teiresias and eat the sacred cattle of the sun god Helios. As a result of this sin, Zeus destroys Odysseus' ship, and every man but Odysseus drowns. 18. The Cattle of Helios After the loss of his ship, Odysses drifts to the island of Ogygia. He becomes stranded on Ogygia because it is the island of the goddess Calypso. Calypso instantly falls in love with Odysseus and refuses to release him. Odysseus is held captive on the island for 10 years and is forced to endure Calypso's love for him. 19. Calypso 20. The Release of Odysseus from Ogygia After the gods decide that Odysseus should finally return home, the messenger Hermes is sent to tell Calypso that she must let Odysseus go. Afterwards, Odysseus creates a raft to sail from the island and is given provisions from Calypso. 21. Poseidon's Final Attack Even after the Olympians decide that Odysseus will return home, Poseidon instigates a final act of revenge by mauling and destroying Odysseus' raft. This leaves the poor man without provisions or a seaworthy vessel, therefore, dealing a large blow to Odysseus' morale.
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