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Disadvantages of online shopping

IT presentation for Disadvantages of shopping online

Jack Fletcher

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Disadvantages of online shopping

Video on how to stay safe and secure while shopping online
Try before you buy
Try before you buy
If you buy evrything online then you miss out on the fun of going into town with friends and family, and you dont get to meet new people.
As well as this, you miss out on window shopping, as online it is impossible to get a list of everything they sell, especially on sites like amazon, and browse through it. Whereas shopping in real shops, you can look around at everything the shop has to offer, whilst looking for your specific item.
By Jack, Callum and Joe
When shopping online, you have to pay with something like your credit or debit card. These details are usually stored online which could be stolen by hackers. As well as this their are many fraudulent websites on the web that look like real websites but really are just their to take your money and possibly even identy theft.
Security risks
Digital access
Viewing on screen
All of the items you buy have to be delivered regardless of their size, so you have to pay for the delivery and wait for it to arrive. Sometimes the delivery charge can be more than the product you are buying, especially if the item you are buying is relatively small.
As well as this, if you are ordering
from other countries, especially outside the
EU, you have to wait a long time for the item
to be deliverd and it will have to clear all the different customs along the way.
You cannot see or try the products (except in photos) before you buy; for products such as clothing, this is not ideal because
if items do not fit, you have the added issue of returning them.

You might be disappointed by the item delivered.
Images and presentations online can sometimes give a different impression of a product.

Not everybody has access to the internet or the computer skills to be able to shop online.

This looks like Facebook, however the URL is not facebook.com
Disadvantages of online shopping
Video on how to stay safe and secure while shopping online
Lack of options
When shopping online, most of the time, you
cant check to see if the company has any
diferent variations, such as color. Shopping in
real high street shops you can ask store
assistants if they have it in a different size or color,and if they dont you can find out if they will have it back in stock, and when shopping in store, you usually get everything in view right infront of you on the shelves.
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