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No description

Ivan G.

on 8 March 2013

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Javan Rhino JavanRhino
Rhinoceros sondaicus Height: 4.6- 5.8 ft.
Weight: 1,984- 5,071
length: 10-10.5 feet
Single horn up to 10 inches long
Normally solitary and rarely seen
Has 3 toes
Quick and agile Diet/birth Eats shoots, twigs, and common plants
Arenga Palm (invasive plant ) is taking over the park.
Prehensile lip helps the Javan rhino grasp food
Gestation period is 15-16 months
Each female gives birth every 3 years. Hunted for horn in colonial times
Horn is believed to cure some diseases
Caught by snares not meant for it
Teeth wear down causing malnutrition
Last in Vietnam killed in 2011
4 recently died of diseases
Arenga Palm is taking over the park
Only about 40 left General Characteristics Why Endangered Organizations Actions/Plans Habitat Live in Ujung Kulon National Park
Stay around mud wallows and water
Around 30-40 live
Forest protects the rhino from solar radiation WWF- World Wildlife Fund
Asian Rhino and Elephant Action Strategy(1988)
IUCN- International Union for Conservation of Nature
International Rhino Foundation
Rhino Foundation of Indonesia
Status Survey Action Plan for Asian Rhino (1997) 2010-2011 70 farmers removed from park areas
Removing Arenga Palm
Poaching for horn under control
IRF working with RFI to extend park by 3,000 hectares
Organizations looking into relocation
New population would contain 1 male and 2 females SAVE THE JAVAN
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