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The discovery to success

No description

Suhas Talya

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of The discovery to success

How do you work out success
Success doesn't directly come through just hard work but, needs practice to reach your goal which is nothing but success to you. Everyone's success is different.

"There are many ways to reach success. Man has only found yes and no but there are many more"
-- By Suhas T J

The foundation to the success
Be different from others
The discovery to success
Along with success
What we watched back there was just an example but, when we come to reality it is different. There can be many people who have your same goal to reach. Here's were competition enters. Competition means the comparision between two or more people who have a same dream. No one can skip competing because wherever you go, competition is always there. Because ranks are important. But not to worry about it. You know you're doing you're best, right?
Success is not a

The world is not

Every subject has a foundation and it is important to understand it because no one
can write a
book without
learning the
Watch a brief example
From this video
You can observe that no one gives up.
Not only you but there are CREATURES
who do not give up.
Enjoy this video
This is success to the little guy.
But yours is totally different
By being different, it can be easy to reach success....
Reach the true success through pain as in no pain no gain
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