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TOK: Paranormal Activities

Knowledge Issue Presentation

Khushbu Patel

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of TOK: Paranormal Activities

Event: Bermuda Triangle To what extent can paranormal activities be proven? Paranormal events.
What are they? Background on History Perceptional Issue Science Limitations...

A claimed occurrence that deals with perception
beyond the scope of scientific understanding or explanation. It is based on sense. 3 points making it a triangle.
Reports of people, ships, boats, etc.
going missing. sixth sense
affected at all times by the images.
ability to understand reasoning new instruments
prone to make conclusions based on observations and what we think we saw.
No evidence.
Paranormal theories do not adhere to the rules and laws of scientific theory, and are at most, philosophical.
science = knowledge Based on the events, you tend on making a judgement.

Not proven yet you believe it if it agrees with your perception at things.

The technology advanced enough?

Cannot be seen or measured by Earth's instrument. History = words of others.
places can be tampered
Sources: http://hoosierparanormal.com/scientific_approach.html
http://www.livescience.com/14904-paranormal-experiences-hint-ghosts.html Perception accepting reality/opinion firmly Perception & Belief Belief how we look
at things. how we look at things
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