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Want to be a singer?

No description

sariah symington

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Want to be a singer?

Want to be a singer?
Steps to how to be a better singer
want tips? go to www.howtosingbetter.org/
Some tips to be a better singer:
Second, you want to warm up your vocal chords and start to practice singing a song you enjoy
First, you want to sit up tall or stand up comfortable
Finally, you take it slow and just keep practicing everyday, but you want to make sure to take breaks!
A lot of people want to have there dreams to come true and have a fantastic voice . so its always good to practice don't you say?
There are many parts in your body to help you sing which of course you need to practice the right way
Two things I do to approve to sing better:
First I found what song i enjoy
Then sing with no pressure, and if i do I sing softly!
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