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Come to The South (USA Region)

School Project

Misa Shinigami

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Come to The South (USA Region)

U.S.A God Bless America >>> Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday Army. 2012. Photograph. Barracuda Brigade Web. 3 Oct 2012. Come to the South!!! The South The South is a region of the USA that is rich in not only rich in resources, but in culture and history, too. Also known as the Old Confederacy, the South includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, and D.C.
The South is a popular place in which to live and to work. One major feature of the region that sets it apart from the rest of the USA is its humid, subtropical climate. The region boasts lush, mixed forests that are common to most areas of the South. Farming is very important to the South's economy.
The South is home to many important cities, including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas. And, of course, the District of Colombia, or D.C., for short. Wolf, Corey. Image 499692. N.d. Graphic. illustration source Web. 4 Oct 12 The South con't The South The South con't The South has many fun and interesting places to visit, including Walt Diseny World and Bracken Cave, so come on down to the South. Come on Down to Bracken Cave! Come on down to Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Texas. The cave is home to roughly 20 million bats, who live there during the summer (March through October). The Bracken Cave houses the largest colony of bats in the world!
At night, the bats spiral out of the cave in a great cloud, which is, as some say, a "truly unforgettable sight." Come Visit Texas, Where its Famous Beef is on the Grill!!! Another Attraction of the South is... Louisville Extreme Skate Park Welcome, skaters!!! Kentucky offers one of the nation's best skate parks, complete with 24-foot long full pipe. This world-class skating park includes a street course, a wooden vert ramp, and 40,000 square feet total of concrete skating surface.
Louisville Extreme Skate Park offers skateboarding, skating, and biking opportunities. This applies to people of all ages and skill levels.
This public skating park (located near Slugger Field and Waterfront Park) can be accessed from all parts of the community by bus or car. If You Like Watching Horse Races, the Louisville Derby Festival is a Good Event for you to Visit Did you know that Kentucky horses have won 3/4 of all Derbys? In 1875, Churchill Downs (the track) offically opened. Ever since then, the Kentucky Derby has been held in Louisville every year. The festival starts some two weeks before the actual derby, which is "the two most exciting minutes in sports." Over 1.5 million people attend to participate in over 70 different events, which include the Marathon and the miniMarathon. The Marathon and miniMarathon consist of runners from all 50 US states, and some foreign runners, as well.
This event is a must-see for anyone who loves horses and festivals! The South is Also Home to Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, has many historically important monuments and museums to visit. Most monuments can be found in the National Mall.
Washington, DC also publishes the fifth most popular newspaper in the US by circulation. You should check out all of the ideas and facts in the Washington Post! The Lincoln Memorial The Lincoln Memorial is located in the National Mall. It has been the the site of many important speeches, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.
A popular urban legend about the sculpture of Lincoln is that the sculptor, Daniel Chester French depicted Lincoln with his hands forming his initials, A.L. in american sign language. While the National Park Service denies this, Daniel French was familiar with american sign language, because his son was deaf. Not only that, but French did have a reason to do this; perhaps as a tribute to Lincoln for signing the federal legislation giving a deaf university (Gallaudet University) the ability to grant college degrees.
The Lincoln Memorial is a very popular place to visit; roughly 6 million people visit the memorial each year. The Lincoln Memorial was seven on the List of America's Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects in 2007. If you haven't yet visited this popular memorial, you definitely should! Theodore Roosevelt Island Theodore Roosevelt Island is an 88- acre island dedicated to the 26th president of the USA. This national memorial, which was given to the American people by the Theodore Roosevelt Association, lies on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.
The island is kept in order by the National Park Service. Theodore Roosevelt Island is accessed by a footbridge on the western bank of the Potomac.
Come visit this important national memorial!! The Smithsonian Museums Do you like history? Science? Art? Well, with 19 different museum buildings, the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. is sure to have something that interests you! These world-class attractions have everything from a three-billion-year-old fossil to the Apollo lunar landing module. Admission to any one of these museums is absolutely free! You can enjoy examining over 137 million different artifacts, no money required! There are even hands-on activities and guided tours! Plus, most of the Smithsonian museums are in the National Mall, which means that you can walk right from one building to the next. If You Like Ballet, Attend the USA International Ballet Competition as a Spectator!! The USA International Ballet Competition is held in Jackson, Mississippi every four years. It is a serious competition, and is sometimes known as the Olympics of Ballet. Dancers from all over the world come to participate, and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals.
The International Ballet Competition is held for two whole weeks, and this competition could be an important milestone in a dancer's career. The audience is filled with company directors who are interested in hiring dancers. Many dancers leave with the ultimate prize: a contract. This is why the dancers will compete extra hard in this competition, so if you like dancing, especially when it's competitive, you definitely don't want to miss seeing this exciting event!! The Mississippi River "The Mississippi River is the chief river of the largest river system in North America... With its many tributaries, the Mississippi's watershed drains all or parts of 31 US states... The river either borders or cuts through the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana."
The Mississippi River Valley is one of the most fertile agricultural regions of the country due to the Mississippi River. This fertility resulted in the river's steamboat era. The Mississippi River is important to the state because it allows trade with other states. People carry goods and resources down the Mississippi River.
"The Mississippi River is one of North America's greatest natural wonders. Its place in history winds boldly along 10 state borders, connecting people, places, cultures, and remarkable travel possibilities."
Even though the steamboat era is over, you can still ride down the Mississippi in an old-fashioned steamboat! You could take a cruise that lets you visit historic sites, or could just simply sit back and take in the view. Walt Disney World The Everglades Dry Tortugas National Park Walt Disney World is a magical place that every child dreams of visiting. There's just something there that sparks your imagination and inspiration. Once you enter the magical land of Walt Disney, you'll never want to return to reality again. The storybook characters will endear you and remind you what it was like to be a little child, wide-eyed and full of belief.
Disney World has 4 major theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, which are linked together my a monorail system. Disney world is located at Orlando, Florida, at 28.5381 N and 81.3794 W.
This magical destination is a place of wonder that you'll never forget. So come for Cinderella's Castle, come for Mickey Mouse, it doesn't matter what for; just make sure to visit the fairytale land of Disney World! The Everglades are often dismissed as a swamp, when in reality, they "are arguably more beautiful than all the sin and flash Miami can produce." You can canoe, bike kayak, or simply walk around the Everglades National Park. Come see all the wonders nature can provide you; alligators surfacing from the water, beautiful wet prairies, long silences you can't experience in cities, and clear, open skies. The Everglades are very beautiful, so come experience everything you can there!! "Almost 70 miles west of Key West lies a cluster of seven coral reefs called Dry Tortugas. These reefs along with surrounding shoals and waters make up Dry Tortugas. Known for its famous bird and marine life, and its legends of pirates and sunken gold. Dry Tortugas National Park includes the larges of the 19th century American coastal forts."
A wonderful wildlife spectacle occurs every year between March and September when about 10,000 sooty terns converge on Bush Key for their nesting season. These birds come from the Caribbean Sea and west central Atlantic Ocean. They may fly over Dry Tortugas at night during January, but spend their days at sea. In February, sooty terns lay their eggs at Bush Key.
"In season, a continuous succession of songbirds and other migrants flies over or rests at the Dry Tortugas." Visitors to Dry Tortugas also see roseate terns, double-crested cormorants, and brown pelicans, which was recently listed as endangered. This is a wonderful place to go to to experience wild birds in their natural habitat. Baerwald, Thomas, and Celest Frase. World
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Oct 2012. References: Great Gatherings- National Wildlife Federation. N.d. Photograph. National Wildlife Federation Web. 7 Oct 2012 The World's Best Photos by chet 711- Flickr Hive Mind. N.d. Photograph. Flickr Hive Mind Web. 7 Oct. 2012 Kentucky Derby Festival. N.d. Photograph. Wikipedia Web. 7 Oct 2012 Louisville, Kentucky. N.d. Photograph. about.com Web 7 Oct 2012 Abraham Lincoln Memorial Wallpaper. N.d. Photograph. Image OCD Web. 7 Oct 2012 File:TheodoreRooseveltIsland fountain.JPG. N.d. Photograph. Wikipedia Web. 7 Oct 2012. Smithsonian Institution. N.d. Photograph. US National Institution of Medicine Web. 7 Oct 2012. Top 10 Most Powerful Rivers in the World. N.d. Photograph. TopTenz.net Web. 7 Oct 2012 Walt Disney World. N.d. Photograph. Wikipedia Web. 7 Oct 2012. The Everglades. N.d. Photograph. Wikipedia Web. 7 Oct 2012. Dry Tortugas National Park. Photograph. Fort Jefferson Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry Service Web. 7 Oct 2012. The South Conclusion As you can see, the South is a beautiful, magical, and interesting region of the USA. There are many reasons to visit, so you should!! Come for Bracken Cave, come for Walt Disney World, come for the memorials in DC, come for all the wonderful new experiences you'll have there!!! Come to the South!!!!
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