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Haikyuu - KageHina


Thi Da Mi Tran

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Haikyuu - KageHina


Contains Gay/Yaoi/Boy x Boy.
Leave if you are homophobic.
You have been warned.
What is KageHina?
KageHina is a pairing that consists of KAGEyama and HINAta.
Thus, the pairing is called KageHina.
This pairing is from an anime (Japanese animation) called Haikyuu.
Haikyuu is an anime focused on high schoolers playing volleyball.
KageHina Tip Toes AMV
In their final year of junior high, Kageyama and Hinata first met as opponents.
After he lost the volleyball match, Hinata vowed to defeat Kageyama in high school.
- Genius
- Short-tempered
- Perfectionist
Despite his appearance, he is rather childish and sensitive.
- Introverted
(read: Antisocial)
- HORRIBLE grades
Since joining Karasuno High School, Kageyama has become a better person.
Coincidentally, Kageyama and Hinata ended up at the same high school, Karasuno High.
At first, both hated each other and began fighting, therefore being kicked out of the gym.
(They still argue and have full-blown fights)
Hinata and Kageyama getting kicked out of the gym
No one likes Tsukki (except Yama) so let's cover his face :D
- Can be (unintentionally) scary
- Effervescent personality
- Very competitive
- Can befriend ANYONE
- Also has horrible grades
- Scared easily
- Clumsy yet incredibly athletic
If you're the king that rules the court,
I'll have to defeat you
and I'll be the last one standing! - Hinata
During the First Year's match to join the volleyball club, Kageyama and Hinata began to respect and use each other to become a duo.
Hinata and Kageyama are frenemies that have a rough past (in volleyball terms).
Hinata and Kageyama in Junior High
Whilst Hinata has only participated in one match for the whole 3 years (there was no volleyball team), Kageyama was ostracized by his team.
Now, whenever someone mentions Kageyama's past, Hinata would stand up for Kageyama;

This one does
Whenever Hinata feels down about his height (162cm), Kageyama encourages and reminds Hinata of his importance.
Kageyama to Hinata~
Trivia: Both are known as the 'Freak Duo'
A genius setter, Kageyama was nicknamed 'King of the Court', due to his arrogant demeanor.

(Anime Music Video)
By iwillstillopenthewindow
Trivia: There's a week dedicated to KageHina
Due to KageHina not being canon (not official), fans create things such as fanfiction, fanart, comics, fan dubs, etc dedicated to this pairing.
Trivia: KageHina week is from June 14 - June 21
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