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No description

Cassie Driskell

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Watergate

Watergate Scandal The fall of President Richard Nixon What EXACTLY is Watergate?? Fancy hotel in Washinton D.C.
-Headquarters for Democratic Party Need to Know Nixon Richard Milhaus Nixon (1913-1994)
Served House of Representatives representing California 1946-1950
Senator of California 1950-1952, received nickname of Tricky Dick
Loses presidential election of 1960 to John F. Kennedy-TV debates
1962 California Gubernatorial Race lost to Pat Brown, declares he will drop out of politics 1968 Election Comes back to politics for 1968 presidential election- wins due to democrats falling apart
37th president 1969-1974
Only president to resign
2nd to be Vice President 2 terms and President 2 terms
2nd to be on 5 presidential tickets
Wins due to Democrats falling apart Argument with Krushchev while visiting Soviet Union-"we will crush you"
Accused of taking campaign money for his own usage, denied; said he has
only been given Checkers-his family's cocker spaniel Vice Presidency President's Policies....aka, Events 1)Peace with Honor
2)Vietnamization-getting out of Vietnam
3)Escalated bombing in Cambodia-causing Kent State Vietnam Economy 1)Increased social programs
2)Decreased social spending
3)Balanced the budget
4)Created EPA & OSHA
Environmental Protection Agency
Occupational Safety Health Administration China 1)Ping Pong diplomacy
2)Nixon visits Mao Tse Tung Soviet Union 1)Detente-peaceful coexistence with Soviet Union
2)Leonid Brezhnev and Nixon signed 3)SALT(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)
Anti ballistic missile treaty Apollo 11 lands on the moon This is where the trouble begins...
Nixon wins 1972 election
Did not need the "cheated" votes Opponents: George Wallace-assassination attempt
Ted Kennedy-Drops out of race:Chappaquidick 5 men caught breaking into the Watergate Hotel: CREEP -Comittee to re-elect the president
-Keep people quiet in the pentagon
-$25,000 check to burglars from CREEP G. Gordy Liddy & E. Howard Hunt led CREEP Plumbers -job was to "fix leaks" Investigation Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward investigators into Watergate Scandal from Washington Post
FBI Informant, Mark Feldt aka Deepthroat (did not want his identity known), gives information that leads to Congressional Investigation Archibald Cox led Congressional Investigation Hearings 1)John Dean testified Nixon knew about everything
2)Alexander Butterfield told the courts about Nixon's taping system
Nixon had a taping system that taped everything that went on in his office, all his meetings and phone calls
3)Tapes Subpoenaed, Nixon declares executive privelage: National Security on tapes Saturday Night Massacre Nixon wants Archibald Cox fired Elliot Richardson refuses to fire Cox, Nixon fires Richardson, William Ruckelshaus takes over and also refuses to fire Cox, Nixon fires Ruckelshaus, finally Robert Bork fires Cox and Leon Jaworski takes over investigation I am not a crook speech Nixon gives over tapes-transcripts
18 1/2 minutes missing from the tapes
Alexander Haig says, "Perhaps some sinister force has come in and erased it!" Impeachment Hearings United States Supreme Court
Releases the tapes
Smoking Gun tapes-proves Nixon knew everything Resigns August 9th 1974 America needs a full time president
Begins the healing process Gerald Ford Ford becomes president, never elected
During Ford's presidency, pardons Nixon
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