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Rising King (Character+Relationships)

rough sketch of the characters in "Rising King"

Tina V

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Rising King (Character+Relationships)

does everything Ichiro orders her
Player: KNIGHT
feels responsible for Ichiros slip-up
younger girl
4. Enemy
"Girlfriend" of Ichiro
older brother
Rising King

(Character+ Relationships)
Ichiro Asakura
a.k.a. "rising_King"

Gender: male
Age: 16 yeares old
Nationality: Japan
Bloodgroup: AB
School: ???
- Transferstudent in England
Member: Theoretical member
of the KC-Organisation
Other: - Chess-fanatics
(was once famous)
- Charismatic
- Proud / big Ego
- Old-fashionend
- "good-for-nothing"
Shawn Windsor
a.k.a. "ShadowKnight"

Luna Levitan


transsexual and voice actor
- typical big brother
Owner of a company
- gives Ichiro the cold shoulder
lovely women
- cares for Ichiro
catchy personality
Gender: male
Age: 16 yeares old
Nationality: England
Bloodgroup: A
School: ???
- tranfered to the same School as Ichiro
Member: KC-Organisation since he was 10
Other: - plays chess
- plays an instrument
- rich elite family
- cheated death
-> old childhood friend of Ichiro
(Ichiro can't remember Shawn)
Gender: female
Age: 18 yeares old
Nationality: England
Profession: Student
Bloodgroup: ???
Chesspiece: Queen (Ichiro)
Other: - roots in Russia
- is a beauty
- stalks Ichiro Asakura

Elizabeth Goldstein
a.k.a. "PrincessElsa"

Gender: female
Age: 14 yeares old
Nationality: German
Bloodgroup: ???
School: ???
Other: - rich jeweller daughter
- (The Atelier Goldstein)
easy win
hacker a.k.a. information network of Ichiro
is in love with Ichiro
fomulated a long
time plan to
secure her win
looks naiv
met after 2. enemy
Marie Zimmermann
a.k.a. "shooting.star "

Gender: female
Age: 16 yeares old
Nationality: German
Bloodgroup: ???
School: ??? other school in England
Other: - childhoodfriend of Ichiro
- often plays chess
- falls in love with Shawn in England
- twisted personality
(smart - acts dumb)
2. Enemy
mysterious guy X
in love with Ichiro
dangerous killer...
belongs to the KC- Organisation
"Creepy guy"
5. Enemy
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