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Excretory System

No description

Excretory System

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Excretory System

Excretory System The Kidney The kidney is one of the four most important organs in the excretory system. . The kidneys role in the excretory system is to filter blood that contains waste. The kidney is the main organ of the urinary system. This important organ also helps in maintaining homeostasis. The way it maintains homeostasis is by getting rid of toxic substances that can be harmful to the body in the blood stream. The way this occurs is by the two adrenal glands ( located above each kidney) secreating steroid hormones. The kidney also helps in reabsorption. Reabsorpation is the absorption of glucose, proteins and sodium. It then gives it back to the blood stream. The Liver The Four Key Organs Of Excretion Are..... The Function of the kidney..... The Structure of the kidney..... The kidney is a bean - shaped organ. The kidney is made up of three important parts. One being the cortex. The cortex is the outer region of the kidney. The cortex is the part that heps the kidney filter urine. The cortex contains a filtering unit called a nephron. Another part of the kidney is the medulla. The medulla is the middle region. Lastly, is the pelvis. The pelvis is the inner most region. It contains a cavity that connects the kindey to the ureter. Two other important structures are the renal artery and the renal vein. The renal artery carries large portions of blood to the kidney. The renal vein drains the kidney. These structures help the kidney in completeing the jobs of the kidney. The Function of the liver ..... The Liver is another very important organ in the excretory system. One very important job of the liver, is to produce bile. Bile is a substance that helps break down fats. Bile is a main part in helping the excretory system process. Another function of the Liver is to break down toxins. The Liver also helps break down nitrogenous wastes. Nitrogenous wastes are nitrogen compounds produced by metabolism of proteins, such as urea and uric acids. The Liver also helps filter blood throughout the body. The Skin The Function of the skin..... Skin is as important if not more important then the other organs. The reason why, is because it holds all of the muscles, bones and the rest of the things in the human body in place. The skin is the largest organ of the whole human body. The skin gives the body a source of protection. The main purpose is to provide protection againest harmful viruses or germs ( such as pathogens) that try to enter the body. The Lungs The Function of the lungs..... The last organ that helps the excretory system function correctly is the lungs. The lungs remove excess, or dangerous materials from an organism. The lungs are constantly secreting gaseous wastes from the blood stream. The lungs also remove carbon dioxide that builds in the blood from respiration. Excretion is..... ..... the process in which waste products of metabolism are eliminated. Also in this process, proteins and nucleic acids are broken down. Things to remember!!! The ureter carries urine to the bladder. The urinary bladder stores the urine here. Lastly, the urethra carries the urine from the bladder outside the body. Things you may want to know. Thank- you for watching!!! :) By Frankie Coppinger, Jenna Baillie and Jillian Palmaccio. The Urinary System What is the urinary system?? The urinary system disposes liquid waste products. Some organs of the urinary system are the urethra, the ureter, the kidney, the bladder and the large intestines. The kidney is the main organ of the system. The bladder is an elastic muscular sac in wich it collects urine before excretion. The large intestines is a thick, lower end of the digestive system that gets rid of feces. The urethra expels urine from the body . Lastly is the ureter which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. Diseases, malfunctions and disorders Some diseases ofthe excretory sytem are kidney failure, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, nephritis ( which is caused by inflammation) and nephrosis (which occurs when the kidneys cant handle sodium properly). The nephron is a small independant blood filtering unit in the renal cortex of the kidney. The difference between filtration and reabsorption is that filtration is the movements of fluids from blood to the Bawman's capsule. Meanwhile, reabsorption involves the transfer of solutes and water back to the blood. Summerizing Fact
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