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My research on the myths and facts of Hypnosis.

Andrew Leong

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Hypnosis

Hypnosis. The act of putting someone in a trance-like state, being open to suggestion. So is it fake
or is it real? FIRST... ...to clear things up Being hypnotised does... mean your asleep- you are fully conscious NOT mean you are under the hynotist's control-
you mentally reject suggestions if they disagree with your morals or put you in danger but that means they can't make you rob banks, take your clothes off, cluck like a chicken and whatnot. mean you can get stuck and be unable to wake up-
the worst that can happen is for the patient to fall asleep
and wake up in a normal state and NO hypnotists do not have some sort of super power,
magic power and whatnot.
They have a strong understanding of human psychology
and use the power of suggestion. By Andrew Leong Well there are two kinds of Hypnosis Stage Hypnosis... ...and hypnotherapy Stage Hypnosis is where the 'Hypnotist' leads the audience into believing he or she has hypnotic powers by performing on them. Well now that that is cleared up,
we can move on the important part What they DON'T tell you are the little secrets behind it The techniques used are: Sleight of hand- this a trick or an illusion that requires no hypnosis or suggestion but manipulation and deception. Off-microphone whispers-all the hypnotist has to do is turn the microphone of and covertly tell the participant to 'play-along' Participant Selection- the hypnotist picks someone in the audience who seems the most open-minded, suggestible and compliant. Typically this is to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain or habits such as smoking. Stage hypnotists, although misleading, are non-the-less entertaining which is their purpose. What makes them so believable are their showmanship and the clever use of language such as repetition and suggestion.
"From this moment everything I say to you. Every single thing I say, no matter how silly or stupid it seems will instantly become your reality. Everything I say will instantly become your reality." Repetition That doesn't mean it is a complete fake. Stage hypnotists do have some skill in hypnotism, just not as dramatic as they make it seem. Pretty much the only legitiment act of hypnosis is to make the participants sleep. Every other act has its 'artificial enhancements'. Hypnotherapy involves putting the patient into a trance, revealing the subconscious mind. This allows them to narrow down their concentration, be more accepting to suggestions and feel a sense of deep relaxation. Once the patient is induced in a trance, the hypnotist can then give the patient suggestions towards improving their problems. After a couple of sessions, the behavioural pattern of that patient will change to what the hypnotist suggested. Hypnotherapy really is just a way of promoting positive development and healing to a patient. So how effective is Hypnotherapy? Well it is safe to say that a person's gullability and intellect has no relation towards how well they can be hypnotised... The little Bibliography box Oxford Hypnotherapy,
27th November 2010,
http://www.skepdic.com/hypnosis.html ...and studies have shown that Hypnotherapy is just as good as using placebos or cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) 90.6% Success rate for smokers using Hypnosis of 43 people, 39 reported to have abstinence from smoking 3 years after treatment 87% reported abstinence from Tobacco use with Hypnosis out of 93 males and 93 females Wiki Answers,
28th November 2010,
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_statistics_on_the_effectiveness_of_hypnosis Hypnosis 3 times as effective as Patch and 15 times as effective as Willpower in terms of smoking.
from combined results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe
Hypnosis shows 77% success rate for Drug Addiction Hypnosis reduces pain and speeds up recovery from Surgery Raised Self-esteem & Serenity. Lowered Impulsivity and Anger

Participants were 261 people admitted to Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (SARRTPs). They had 3 to 5 sessions weekly and reported to have higher self-esteem compared to the control groups.
to conclude Stage Hypnosis is FAKE and REAL By Andrew
Leong Hypnoshop,
26th November 2010,
http://www.hypnoshop.com/hypnosis/myths-of-hypnosis/ Deep Trance Now,
26th November 2010,
http://www.deeptrancenow.com/myths.htm Google,
26th November 2010,
http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&defl=en&q=define:hypnosis&sa=X&ei=Ll7vTLijHoKkuAP8mvTSDQ&ved=0CBUQkAE Wikipedia,
25th November 2010,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stage_hypnosis Wikipedia,
23th November 2010,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnosis Wikipedia,
23th November 2010,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is To sum up, Stage Hypnosis has basic elements of hypnosis, but is outweighted by the use of deception. To conclude, Hypnotherapy does work but has an inaccurate effect amongs many patients. Hypnotherapy still requires a better experiment to prove its effectiveness.
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