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careers FSE

No description

Kelsey S

on 16 April 2012

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Transcript of careers FSE

Job Description School Pshychologist School Psychologists help students with emotional, social and academic issues. They help by providing counseling, and mentoring to the students.
Education Needed - individuals with a masters, specialist, certificate of advanced graduate studies, and doctoral degrees

specialized - 3-4 years of graduate training
- 9 month internship in a school

doctoral- 5-7 years of graduate training
- 12 month internship, may or may
not be in a school setting Wages and Salary Elementary or secondary school - around 58,000
faculty position - 57,000
masters - 40,000
doctoral degree - around 51,000
Types of Employers There are many different types of employers. School psycologists mostly work in a grade, secondary or post secondary schools to work with the students of the schools. School psycologists may also branch out from the usual and practice in different settings, like clinics, hospitals, forensic settings, correctional facilities or in an independent practice. Job Duties and Responsibilities School Pschologists work with students to help them deal with behavioral problems and academic difficulties. They work with parents, teachers and the students to promote a healthy learning environment that is specially designed to focus on the needs of the children. Experience Required School Psychologists need to do an intership as part of their schooling which would show them how the actual job will be. Related Jobs -forensic psycologist
-clinical psychologist
-child psychologist
-councelling psycologist
-criminal investigator
-art thereapist Current Prospects Future Prospects Psychology jobs are expected to increase in the next few years. There is an increased demand in psycological services in schools and many other places. Benifits The benifits of having a job in school psycology is being able to help students out and feel like you have made a difference. Since most school psycologists work in schools they have a predictable schedule. There are many job opportunities around Canada for school psychologists. Most seem to be in Ontario or Alberta. By: Kelsey Storey
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