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Malta Game Jam - SoftwareProdigy

That Monsters Game lessons learned

Neville Attard

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Malta Game Jam - SoftwareProdigy

Neville Attard
That Monsters Game
That Monsters Game Saga
Next project...
What would
I do again / NOT do?

lessons learned

Prototype Core Mechanics
Max 1 week development
Give to fresh eyes, not your friends
Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat
Alone sucks
Find a buddy
someone as insane as you
Keep team small
Bigger than 3 = communication overhead
Outsource art
You cannot do everything
Search on behance/guru.com
Lots of good guys to outsource art
Hope to see some Maltese artists uploading their portfolios
Get sound engineer
on board
From day 1
Don't leave sound to the last thing
Sound is crucial part of the experience
Launch on Android first
Faster to release updates than iOS (instant!)
Cheaper CPI
Once happy with retention and monetization, launch on iOS
Focus on User Acquisition
Then retention
Then monetization
Fewer analytics to focus on prepared questions on theories
Advertise in countries with cheaper CPI
Guinea pigs!
Cross Promotions
Tapjoy with incentivised installs
Frequent Releases
Max every two weeks
Preplanned feature roll-out
A/B Testing to verify theories
e.g. tutorial or some IAP button
Every game will teach you something
You'll learn from your mistakes
Your next game will be better
Can bring you unexpected contacts/contracts/job opportunities

Minimum Polished Product
For your first release
forget IAPs/Store
forget missions
forget achievements
forget "this is the last feature I'll add"
But I wouldn't forget facebook
you want virality (not easy)
Find a Publisher
Leave it to the pros to do the marketing
Make sure to get a lawyer to oversee the contract
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