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No description

The Auto Agency

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Sony OLED

The "XEL-1" How Sony Can Regain its Competitive Edge Advantages 3mm Thick
High Contrast & Peak Brightness
Excellent Color Reproduction
Rapid Response Time
Low Power Consumption Disadvantages Lifespan
Color Balancing Issues
Water Damage
Outdoor Performance
Power Consumption
Screen burn-in Losing its Competitive Edge Basic Profitability Problems Net operating losses from 2008 amounted to $1 Billion Dollars
Includes: Electronics Division, Games Division, and Financial Division
Only non-core business operated profitably, even if minimal
Includes: Sony Pictures and Sony Music 1.) 2.) Operations and Supply-Chain Problems Supply Chain was TOO large
Not synchronized with operations between different divisions
Placed higher volume orders with fewer suppliers
Inventory Storage Costs
Supplier Dependence
PS3 3.) 4.) Diversification Problems Over-Diversification threatens core business
Sony Ericsson: 34.5 billion Yen loss in 2009
No Market Dominance Misdirected Consumer Focus Multi-Domestic Strategies
Primarily focused on Japanese market partially ignoring global markets
Lack of Consumer-Oriented Innovation
Past successes with CRT and Sony Walkman breed complacency.
Lost Mobile Music Market share to Apple Sony Still Facing Losses 5.) Competition LG and Samsung penetrating the OLED market
Showcasing a 31-inch TV to be released in 2013
LCD TV's becoming bigger, slimmer, cheaper, and higher quality
High-Definition programming not up to the capabilities of OLED technology Solutions OLED: To Produce or Not to Produce Produce Focus on OLED research
First Mover Strategy
Pioneer advantage
Gain significant market share
Enhance Brand Evolution
Cut current LCD production
Environmental scanning
High Consumer Technology Turnover Do NOT Produce Focus on LCD TV production
Bigger, slimmer, and cheaper
Utilize R&D budget for more lucrative projects
High-Def programming not up to par What do you think? What Sony is Currently Up To? Fixing Sony Diversification Focus on core business
OLED TV's, Mobile, and Gaming
Development of "App" OS market
"Razor Blade Business Model"
Similar to PlayStation Store Operations and Supply-Chain Product Line reduction = Less complicated supply chain
Develop more reliable supplier relationships
JIT Consumer Focus Enter emerging markets
Focus on meeting Customer expectations
Loss of Mobile Music Market; OLED THE END
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