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The Water Cycle by Andrew Aguiar,Alondra Bravo, Michelle Dominguez,Gabriel Torres

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on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of The Water Cycle by Andrew Aguiar,Alondra Bravo, Michelle Dominguez,Gabriel Torres

Today we are presenting the water cycle.You might be thinking what the water cycle is.The water cycle is a continues cycle that never stops and it repeats.The water cycle changes every day because there are six different stages and the water cycle has to through all of the stages.We got this information from websites.After this article you will leave with more knowledge.
What would happen without one part of the water cycle

We learned that without one part of the water cycle it would not continue.Also without one part of the water cycle it would not be a water cycle.For example without condensation clouds would not get full and it will not rain.Another example is without runoff their will be less water in oceans and rivers because their will be more water on land than usual.
Fun Facts About The Water Cycle
The water cycle is above and below the earths surface.
When the water evaporates it is when you see the clouds in the sky.
Plants have tiny holes in there leaves called stomata.
A cloud is a group of tiny droplets that we can see in the air.
Importance of water conservation
We are running out of water in California because of the drought.Now they have extended the water use up to two days per week or else their is a fine up to five hundred dollars.We need to conserve water and not waste so much water.For example keep shower up to five minutes, fix anything that leaks, and you can use a broom to sweep outside instead of using a hose.
Condensation is when water vapor turns into liquid.How it works is in the atmosphere warm air rises then looses its capability to hold water vapor.

Precipitation is when water droplets that get big enough that falls as rain,sleet,snow, and hail.The clouds get full and and drop as rain.
Water Cycle
By Gabriel Torres,Michelle Dominguez,Alondra Bravo, and Andrew Aguiar

Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
Yes, because every stage of the cycle is important. Without any of the six stages they would not be rain,snow,lakes,oceans,and hail.All this six stages pitch in to make the water cycle.All the stages carry many water so they can start at any stage.
Evaporation is when water changes into vapor.This happens when the sun hits the water and gives the water molecules enough energy to go into the atmosphere.
Transpiration is when plants loose water and it also absorbed into the sky.
Runoff is the movement of land water into the ocean in the form of rivers lakes or streams.
Groundwater is water preserved underground and it
is connected to an ocean.
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