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Islam and Mormonism

No description

Tyler Gathro

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Islam and Mormonism

& Love Knowledge (relating facts) Story Time History of Islam Information (facts) Islam and
in the
Middle East Understanding (applying facts) Wisdom (righteous application) Levels of Intellect History of Mormonism in the Middle East Muhammad
is born 570 Muhammad
starts to preach
in Mecca 613 Muhammad
receives his first
message in a cave
near Mecca 610 Muhammad and
followers flee
to Medina 622 Muslisms
Mecca 630 Muhammad dies.
Abu Bakr
choosen as
Caliph. 632 Caliph Uthman
has Qur'an
written down. 650 The Dome of
the Rock is
completed 691 Written collections
of the Hadith
(sayings of the prophet)
are complied 800s Islam
continues to
spread 2013 Doctrines of Islam Saudi Arabia Muslim / Mormon Relationship Today Tolerance
& Love The Media Jesus Christ Definitions Asalam - peace
Islam - submission in peace
Muslim - one who submits
peacefully Root - S L M Mecca Medina Five Pillars
of Islam Alms Pilgrimage Prayer Profession of Faith Fasting "There is no God
but God and Muhammad
is his messenger." Pray 5 times a day in the proper way (tithing) Pay a charity tax
to benefit the poor and the needy Fast during the
month of Ramadan (usually August) Travel to Mecca
once during your
life if possible (Hajj) Qur'an & Hadith (Isa) Human Prophet who worked miracles.
Son of Mary who preached in Jerusalem.
Ascended into heaven and will return
in like manner. He did not atone for sins
or die on the cross. It was Judas who
turned into the likeness of Jesus.
(Qur’an 4:157) Allah - God CNN - FOX - MSNBC - CBS - BBC Be careful
Don't stereotype
Don't make generalities 2009 1979 Dedication of
the BYU Jerusalem
Center for Near
Eastern Studies 1975 Dedication of the
Orson Hyde Memorial Garden on the
Mount of Olives 1951 Iran Tehran
Mission opened 1948 Near East
Mission closed 1939 State of
created 1928 Mission head-
quarters moved
to Haifa in
Palestine 1909 Mission closed
due to political
turmoil from
Ottoman Empire 1841 Apostle Orson
Hyde dedicates the
land of Palestine 1884 Turkish Mission
opened in
Istanbul 1921 Armenian Mission
opened in
Aleppo, Syria 1933 Palestine-Syrian
Mission opened 1947 Palestine-Syrian
Mission renamed
to Near East Mission 1950 Brigham Young University organizes Near Eastern Studies Program in Jerusalem
for faculty and
students 1969 Mission closed
due to turmoil
from Iranian
Revolution 1978 Elder Boyd K.
Packer organized
the Arabian
Peninsula Stake 2008 1830 Church organized
in Manchester,
New York Algeria Morocco Libya Egypt Saudi Arabia Oman Yeman U.A.E. Jordan Syria Qatar Kuwait Iran Bahrain Iraq Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Stake is organized by Elder Jeffery
R. Holland The Middle East/Africa
North Area
was created 1989 1983 Palestine-Syrian
Mission reopened Mission closed
due to outbreak
of World War II Afghanistan Israel Tunisia Lebanon Similarities in Lifestyle and beliefs

BYU Programs

In the United States

In the Middle East “It is morally wrong for any person or group to deny anyone his or her inalienable dignity on the tragic and abhorrent theory of racial or cultural superiority.
“We call upon all people everywhere to recommit themselves to the time-honored ideals of tolerance and mutual respect. We sincerely believe that as we acknowledge one another with consideration and compassion we will discover that we can all peacefully coexist despite our deepest differences."
- The First Presidency
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