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Tesla Motors

No description

Amil Khemani

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Tesla Motors


Human Resources

" A forward investment"
The Tesla Model X is fully electric luxury SUV that
is currently in development. Production is expected
to begin in 2014 and vehicle deliveries to Canada will
begin in the year. The vehicle combines the highly advanced
technology Tesla features with the utilities of an SUV to
create an all-purpose family car. The car also features
“Falcon Wings”. The car doors life up vertically in order
to take up less space. Similar to the discontinued
Mercedes SLS AMG
Tesla Model X
#1 seller in Norway for month of November, 2011
Introduced in 2009, the Tesla Model S is the company’s only vehicle in production today. The car seats 5 to 7 people and starts at 71,000 Canadian dollars. The Car is fully electric and the base model produces an equivalent of 416 Horsepower.
Tesla Model S
Most famous vehicle sold by company
The Tesla Model S is composed of 100 % recycled aluminum frame, along with a non-toxic battery. This car cuts noise pollution, is fully electric, and has no emissions.
Tesla has not engaged in any charitable or community hosted organizations since the launch of the company
The Tesla Model S is the Safest Vehicle In the US.
Investing in Tesla
Recent Growth
Current Prices
"High Payment for High Quality"
Conduct most of international business through online orders
Car production occurs in California today, but some parts (mostly electric) are imported from other countries such asJapan and Taiwan
Tesla Motors is on the road in 37 countries currently including:

Safest Vehicle
Chanel hosts' dinner parties for celebrities to enhance their brands' popularity
Tesla Motors is a high quality brand; only people who can afford it purchase it.

Community Involvement
" A happy environment makes a happy a world "
- Al Gore
All Assembly of the Model S is done in California. This ensures production quality while employing local workers. The closer location allows the company to closer monitor the quality control process of production.
Tesla focuses on recruiting and training the best employees. The company is famous for providing employees with generous packages, training, and opportunities. Tesla builds on a very inviting corporate culture
The feasibility of electric vehicles has changed dramatically over the past few years. Technology has allowed cars to be charged in merely 2-4 hours and allow them to travel for 300-500 miles on one charge. With these innovations, electric cars are becoming more and more practical and feasible. Tesla also mainly operates in the US. This is a more focused market and is easier for Tesla to manage.
Tesla Motors is a highly marketable idea giving consumers many incentives to make a purchase. Purchasing a Tesla satisfies the Self Actualization of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So far, Tesla’s marketing campaign has been very successful among the next generation of drivers as it has established a unique, appealing brand image and a great product mix.
Unfortunately, Tesla Motors is not making a profit. The cost of R&D, manufacturing the cars and general administrative costs are simply too high for Tesla to make a profit. In fact, only 30 of the 413 million dollars in revenue in 2013 was gross profit. Furthermore, Tesla has been losing more than 100 million dollars more every year since its IPO in 2010.
Schaeffer's Investment Research has described
Tesla Motors (TSLA) as a promising stock to invest it. In the article titled "Innovation Matters", Tesla Motors stock was described to "bring results of high positivity" due to the brand new production of the Model X set to be sold in 2014.
Tesla Motors stock has seen a dramatic rise in value in the past 2 years. Although a fairly expensive stock to invest in, the incredible rise in purchases of electric vehicles (17,500 in 2011 to 96,000 in 2013) make Tesla Motors a promising investment.
Current Price
Tesla Motors stock (TSLA) is currently valued at 207.37 USD .
Tesla's Model S starts at
a rather high $71,000. The upcoming model x is expected to lay in the same price range.
"while being an all electric vehicle, Tesla
is also dedicated to producing highly luxurious, trendy vehicles for a modern market" -Ian Wright
Price review
With the average transaction price for a new car (in the USA) being $31,252, Tesla serves as a rather high end car company with a starting price of over double the current average.
TOBO Tesla went from a private corporation to a public corporation June 29th 2010, when the company executed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) at NASDAQ.
This is the first American auto manufacturer to do so since Ford in 1956. The stock surged 41 percent from 17 to 23 dollars on opening day raising 226.1 million. Today, Tesla trades for $207, making it a solid investment.
Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel, Ian Wright.
Electric Cars are still very early in its product life cycle in the introduction phase. A number of tesla products are still in the development phase include the Model X. Electric cars are estimated to become more predominant in the market in 30 years.
Tesla employs 1,964 full time employees as of December 2012.
The Audi e-Tron prototype and Mercedes AMG e-cell feature electric AWD, making them Tesla's competitors. Tesla also faces competition from BMW and Lexus and other Luxury focused, high end car companies. Although Tesla dominate the electric car market, Honda Motor Co Ltd and Toyota Motor Corp plan to launch fuel-cell vehicles in the consumer market in 2015 to challenge Tesla.
"no more taking from the Earth, but receiving from the sun"
-Tesla's "Gallons of Light" commerical.
Media Hype
TV Commerical
Numerous articles on websites such as The Guardian and New York Times surrounding Tesla Motors "all electric" motive have helped advertise Tesla.
Trade Agreements
Trade Agreements Tesla has influenced the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia to offer Tax return incentives for purchasing Tesla Vehicles. In Ontario, customers are given a 8,500 CAD return for every purchase of a Model S. This is a sizeable saving that gives Tesla a strong competitive edge to battle BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury car manufacturers. The rebate also encourages consumers to purchase green products, fueling Tesla’s green marketing campaign
The Majority of Tesla’s parts are imported from all over the world. Suppliers include countries such as Germany, Italy, Canada and the US.
Higher Class
Not only adults old enough to drive, but adults old enough to have the financial capacity to purchase a high end vehicle.
Eco - Lovers
People looking for a greener
choice to help benefit the world
First company to use Lithium-ion (li-on) battery to produce a full electric vehicle, produced in Japan (innovation).
Tesla Model S
More than 25,000
Model S's are on the rode today. Plant located in California.
Tesla Model X
Productions set to start late 2014
Production of the car's chassis and body used to take place in Hethel, England by a division of the automaker Lotus. The electric motors used in the cars are produced in a separate facility, located in Taiwan. The Model S today is made in California and is 55% American made.
Tesla Motors current slogan is "performance with a clean conscience"
Early Adopter
The integrated technology such as voice recognition, electromagnetic mirrors, as well as memory driven driver profiles all aim at modern day early adopters who like to have the newest and best products
The "Green" factor
Tesla Motors key marketing
strategy revolves around their
eviromentally friendly motive.
Tesla Motors are currently based in Palo Alto, California USA.
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